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FREE POSTAGE ANYWHERE IN THE WORLD when you spend over $50USD/£35 Use the button at the bottom of the page to choose your local currency.


Army of The Damned

Army of The Damned

Coming to Game Found May 26th we are excited to announce our first crowdfunding campaign in partnership with the fine folks at MiniWargaming

This campaign will be focused on releasing 8 full hard plastic sets for the newest Death Fields' faction: The Damned! (their backstory can be found at the bottom of the page). 

These 8 sets will let you build a full army of The Damned and includes plastic sets for: 

  • Infantry
  • Command
  • Brutes
  • Outriders
  • Heavy Support Teams
  • Hounds
  • Artillery
  • Tank (yes our first hard plastic vehicle!)

First painted examples of the Infantry set by Cult of Paint.

MiniWargaming will be previewing all the sets and setting the stage over the next few weeks as we prepare to launch. We'll have more painted models, videos, and lots to see and talk about as the campaign progresses! 

If successful, this campaign will allow us to do something we've never done before: release an entire ARMY in one shot! And once we've fulfilled all the backer pledges all 8 sets will be available as part of our regular catalog and at retailers worldwide. 

Retailers: we will have full retail level pledges in the campaign as well. 

Above are examples from the Infantry, Brutes, Heavy Support Teams, and the Outriders. We'll be showing more of each of these along with the four other sets as we get closer to launch. 

Stay tuned for more previews, the launch of the Game Found page, and more from MiniWargaming in the near future! 



A quite new addition to the Death Fields circuit, the Damned were abducted just a few decades ago from their broken home. 

These unfortunate humans were part of a powerful and wide-ranging end-of-days cult in human space that believed only strict separation from the rest of humanity would save them from the coming galactic apocalypse. To that end in the late 2300s they secretly funneled monies to construct a space habitat in a remote system with no habitable worlds. Here they hoped to live unnoticed by the rest of humanity. Unfortunately for them, they did. Within twenty years, minor and then major systems began to fail and few of the new generation had taken their training seriously. Rival factions claiming to know the "true path" silently formed. As their habitat began to fail around them, terrorist acts and then open conflict began to erupt. 

The factions took over the remaining habitable sections and continued their war as the station fell apart around them. Chemicals, poor air quality, exposure to radiation, and other pollutants caused a high number of birth defects. Over the next twenty years no inhabitant was without mutation or severe chronic illness. Yet the war dragged on. 

In the midst of this, a highly trained squad of soldiers of one of the two factions - The Damned - was abducted from the station. They've now had decades on the Death Fields circuit where they are a deadly force to be reckoned with. Although easily fixed by the advanced technology available to their owner, many wear their mutations and scars as a mark of pride. They have also leveraged alien technology to create “Brutes”: massive, mutated humans with incredible strength and resilience to pain who act as the line breakers on the battlefield soaking up punishment to provide openings for the rest of the team to control the field.



For thousands of years, advanced alien civilizations have visited the Earth for one purpose: to steal our bravest warriors. For centuries, the cream of Earth's soldiers have been taken against their will to fight, die, and be reborn in arenas throughout the galaxy.

The Game Guilds provide some of the most watched sport in the known universe with matches broadcast in thousands of systems. A perennial favorite of sports fans everywhere are the humans - a primitive race from the far edge of the galaxy.

Over the millennia, the finest warriors of that backwater planet have been brought to the arenas to fight each other and a host of other sentient species and deadly creatures. Even now, thousands of years since abductions began, Recruiters still acquire the best of Human space's warriors for the games.

The humans go on in their tiny light-years bubble of space attacking each others’ colony worlds, believing themselves the most advanced race in the universe while the rest of the galaxy watches their immortal ancestors fight and die in the Death Fields...Check out the existing range here!

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Bill - May 12, 2023

I hate you because I totally need these!

Stewpidbear - May 12, 2023

NuEarth Norts! And with GI’s from the Space Nam Box! Add in some ABC’s and I’ll be well away👍

Scott Beil - May 12, 2023

Love the ideas, with a suggestion. When you do the tank instead of trended as everyone else does, I suggest wheels. Similar to some of the lighter tanks of WWII. Thanks

Chris - May 12, 2023

Peter, expressing an opinion of frustration or of different views, is obviously fine. However, on this occasion you are in fact being a twat.

Chris Pryme - May 12, 2023

James Mac Lennan.

I heartily agree with this sentiment. Although I think I’ll be going a bit bigger that the ‘standard’ 24 pts.
Joe Mansfield - May 12, 2023

Anyone who can’t find Late Imperial Romans in plastic in May of 2023 isn’t looking very hard. Try the internet, they have this thing called a ‘search engine’. Use that.

Joe Mansfield - May 12, 2023

While this isn’t really what I’m looking for, I congratulate you guys for taking on something this size in this way. This is a bold next step for WGA and, if you can pull it off, I believe it has REAL potential to take the company to the next level. Even though this isn’t a faction that is particularly useful to me I respect the amount of work that has gone into creating all the designs—hey isn’t that Mad Robot’s gas mask horse head, LOL!!! Seriously, excellent work. I will be following along because I want to see all the designs and I’ll probably pledge anyway at the lowest support level just to be a part of it. Who knows, if I like those hounds I might even pick up a box of them.

Michael - May 12, 2023

This looks grrat! I can’t wait to see more.

Gordon Nichols - May 12, 2023

Oh, my. These look fantastic. Yeah, count me in on this project too. Affordable Chaos Cultists for 40k and Xenos Rampant.

Peter - May 11, 2023

Dear Maximus Bob,expressing an opinion is not being a twat just because it differs from yours. Nor is it being self righteous. It’s arrogant people like you that try to stifle differing viewpoints on these forums .

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