Boat Updates

Boat Updates

Two big shipments are on/almost on the water and headed to the UK warehouse: 


The first one was here about 2 1/2 days ago and is scheduled to arrive in Southampton on the 22nd or 23rd. Grognards and WW1 French along with the Horses and all the lovely plastics for the 02 Hundred Hours game from Grey for Now are onboard. Once docked and unloaded we just have to get through customs and they will all be in the warehouse with Sarissa. 


The second one is being loaded now with an ETA at Southampton on July 30. Now, the boat doesn't leave port until the 18th so there is still a chance our container gets bumped (it happens all the time now and is incredibly frustrating). We hope we've made it on but it that changes over the next couple days we'll let you know. This one has Bulldogs, Boxers, Cannon Fodder, Partisans, and British Riflemen.

We also have an air shipment going via courier to Australia just waiting on a spot but that will get the AU warehouse topped up nicely! 

Another shipment will be ready to leave the factory next week for the UK with Cannon Fodder 2, Goths, WW1 Germans, and Dark Age Irish. And we should have another one ready in 3 weeks. The plastic must flow! 

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Arturo Sancheez - July 19, 2022

Hope you guys are staying safe from the heat. It ain’t normal; remember to get loads of water.

Blecao - July 19, 2022

Finally after months my great frenchies in the trenchies will come

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