Boxers on Pre-Order!

Boxers on Pre-Order!

Kicking off Day 1 of our 3rd Birthday Week: Boxers! 

This 30-figure set features a great variety of heads and weapons to create Chinese forces for the 19th and early 20th centuries. 

Click here to see more and reserve yours! 

And check back tomorrow for Day Two's release! 

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Ronald - March 27, 2022

The "Tiger Man is very Cool!

Stephen Sutton - March 24, 2022

I think the only place I’ve heard of the boxer rebellion was in a videogame, Bioshock Infinite. I assume that it’s not a well-known war, but maybe it will be a more popular setting when these get out into the wild.

Red Bee - March 22, 2022

In digging the lesser loved settings. I’m going to wait till the end of the week to make my order, but I’m already imagining what I can do to make these Death Fields ready.

Gerrit Wruck - March 22, 2022

You are Great. This are perfect Cathay Peasants.

Marian - March 22, 2022

Finally :D
Finally something my german protection force to shoot at XD

Alex - March 22, 2022

These are brilliant. But you know what would even be better? Chinese heads in 1930s Stahlhelms, so we could combine them with your WW1 German set and make a inter-war Chinese Nationalist army… #justsayin :-)

Jonathan Lord Richards Udbye - March 21, 2022

Gods thou tempts me….

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