Cannon Fodder 2 Pre-Order!

Cannon Fodder 2 Pre-Order!

Shipping out starting next week (from US warehouse) and later this month (Australia) and next (UK/EU): the female addition to the Cannon Fodder faction! 

This box set includes enough parts to build 24 hard plastic troops with standard rifles and plasma weapons along with grenades, backpacks, and other accessories to customize your force. Five different head types allow for very different looks for your team. Alternatively you can use them for planetary or near future militia, escaped prisoners, starship crew, and more. Mix and match arms with WAADF005 for even more options!

Get yours today! 


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DAVID EVANS - July 15, 2022

Just ordered, thanks to earlier email.
Currently waiting for the Troopship bringing in their earlier reinforcements the Bulldogs!
I’m looking forward to receiving both, just keep up the good work and take care.

Kassey - July 14, 2022

I am so ready for this!

Paul Mitting - July 13, 2022

Just ordered 2 boxes! I have been waiting forever for this set to be produced. You guys rock!

James Glass - July 13, 2022

Heck Yeah! Might have to start the Penal Legion army now

Sergio - July 13, 2022

lets goooooo

Michael - July 13, 2022

Yeah! That’s what I love to see! Anyone can be cannon fodder, and it’s good to see some much needed co-ed human wave tactics.

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