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Choose the NEXT Vox Populi Listing!

Choose the NEXT Vox Populi Listing!

Our first Vox listing of the new era - BEF - is about to get it's T1 (first test shot) and the second listing - Conquistador Cavalry - has moved off the List of 12 and into pre-production order! Now it's time to choose what replaces the Conquistador Cavalry on the List of 12! 

We've been watching and taking note of #voxatlantic listings. We've added some new ones to this list along with the sets that are definitely in the production queue no matter what (although keep in mind these are not the ONLY sets in the production queue and you will most definitely see other ones in plastic before some of these!) 

But the Vox Populi lets YOU decide through voting not only which sets get onto the List of 12 but which of those are pushed ahead for production. So without further ado we give you the BIG LIST. The top vote earner from this list will move onto the List of 12! 

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Eric - February 2, 2024

I’m here to join the chorus and encourage everybody to vote Valkir! Let’s get some high quality plastic power armor that ISN’T from Games Workshop.

Skyhawk - February 2, 2024

I second the Valkir! Been on a hunt for a set of them for some time now! They’d make some excellent heavy hitters for my Imperial army.

jh Burel - January 29, 2024

We need the huns!
I (desperately) need the huns!

M - January 28, 2024

Here’s hoping for Valkir to have a decent showing again!

W2K - January 27, 2024

Here’s my usual vote for the Egyptians!

TAPM113 - January 27, 2024

All in for having the Iron-Core Valkir released in hard plastic!!!

Hopefully, their variants will be combined in an updated plastic kit that follows all modern good practices of Wargames Atlantic (chiefly, enhanced helmet diversity, and special weapons choices compatible with modern game ruleset systems, including 40K).

But the original kit was already incredible, and it is a shame it went out of the market before I could get my own copy. The quality of the sculpts was amazing, and the founder seemingly accrued a valuable experience in skirmish game design, which might be very germane for the – in theory upcoming – Death Fields ruleset release.

Zack - January 27, 2024

Id love to see come fantasy elves, particularly if the style is very Celtic inspired, would be perfect for wood elves.

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