Einherjar Move to Tooling

Einherjar Move to Tooling

The third faction (fourth if you count the Giant Spiders with their optional alien bug parts!) is moving into the tooling phase.

This set will feature 8 of the above frames to give you 24 wee figures along with loads of bitz. There's no release date yet but we will let you know as soon as the plastic and box design is ready.

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james - July 12, 2020

They would really look good as IG in my space wolf army.

Lee Mayes - July 10, 2020

I got a box of your Les Grognards a while ago and they are easily my favorite infantry force. I’m hoping that this one will be even BETTER!

cuda1179 - June 26, 2020

I’ve had a space-dwarf army on the back-burner now for about 4 years. I only have 10 guys currently, so this would be a nice way for me to flesh them out a bit. Between this and the other Death Fields stuff you are going to drain my bank account. Looking forward to more options for all factions.

Gary Warburton-Wilmot - June 25, 2020

Cant wait for these, they look amazing. Kinda old school, they are firing up the space dwarf nostalgia

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