Eisenkern Assembly Instructions

Eisenkern Assembly Instructions

As Eisenkern arrive in your hands (looking at you Australia and Asia!) or are about to ship out to you (rest of world), Mark has created an easy assembly sheet. Click on the image below to access the full, downloadable instruction sheet: 

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John Wolf - March 12, 2021

Haha! Those are Stick Grenades. I glued one on as an antenna lol. >.>’
btw, this box is awesome! I love it!

Frank - January 16, 2021

Can’t wait to get my boxes… I hope I get them as fast as possible… when do you deliver germany ?

ozelot - January 15, 2021

wann ist deutschland an der reihe? :)

David Siepel - January 14, 2021

bassssssssed. Finally i can add more to my RWDS

Rob - January 12, 2021

My body is ready.

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