FINAL ROUND (6 of 6) in Heat 1! Get Your Votes In!

FINAL ROUND (6 of 6) in Heat 1! Get Your Votes In!

It's the FINAL round of Heat 1 (6 of 6)! This is your last chance to get your votes in for this and the previous 5 Rounds. Once all the votes are in we'll be taking the Top 10 from each of the 6 Rounds for Heat 2. 



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Jules Moles - April 23, 2021

OK this list just had sooo many of my wish list for plastics on it if even two out of my picks from this list came out in the next 12 months I’d be like a kid knowing he’d been good for Santa and not being disappointed.

Ed - April 22, 2021

I can’t even find ming mini at 28mm

mael - April 22, 2021

wherr are my heavy Anzac cavalry ?

Peter T. - April 22, 2021

Which Cossacks, as in Cossacks from which period?

Trwllwny - April 22, 2021

Some great submissions on this one: Ming (hard to find in metal now), Imjin Korean, Mayans, Mughals, Condittieri, Mali/Songhai… precolombian Americas, East/South Asia and West Africa are definitely underrepresented in plastic and wargames in general. Some day there will be Tibetan cataphract sprues…

Francesco Roffi - April 22, 2021

Let’s go scifi! :D

Welsh - April 22, 2021

Bummer didn’t see my submission, anyone else see anything that would have counted as:

Futuristic Atmospheric Drop Troopers

Warren - April 22, 2021

Lets go robot!!!!!

Emiliano Bucci - April 22, 2021


Emiliano Bucci - April 22, 2021


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