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FREE POSTAGE ANYWHERE IN THE WORLD when you spend over $50USD/£35 Use the button at the bottom of the page to choose your local currency.


First WW2 Plastic Set: Partisans

First WW2 Plastic Set: Partisans

Announcing a new historical range coming in 2020:

Kicking off this range will be Partisans, specifically French Resistance. The brave Resistance movement of occupied France fought the Nazis in every way they could, gradually becoming more organized and more effective as the war dragged on. Now you'll be able to model them in hard plastic and add them to your World War 2 battles!

This will be an extremely versatile kit. And there will be optional parts to allow you to use the set for other theaters and some previous conflicts (real and imagined) if you are so inclined.

We will have more to show as we get closer to the pre-order date but in the meantime check out Matthew Leahy's work on the prototype models. This set is in tooling and there is no official release date yet.


Also, we have a lot going on all at once with a variety of ranges and it can be confusing (even for us!). Here's a rundown of what's in the works: 

  • Giant Spiders and Einherjar (along with Grognard restocks) will be in UK and US warehouses in the next couple weeks
  • Eisenkern plastic tooling wraps in the coming week for a December release
  • Grognard Command and Heavy Support plastic is finalized and preparing for production (we're just waiting on the final artwork and box design) also for a December release
  • These Partisans and another historical set are in tooling
  • Lizardmen and a third historical set will be in tooling as soon as the sprue layouts are finalized.
  • Eisenkern Panzerjägers are prepping for tooling
  • WW1 French will be previewed soon
  • Boxers, Spanish Napoleonics, "Space British", Afghan cavalry and another cavalry set, along with Goblins are all in various stages of layout or waiting for tweaks but are all on their way
  • Aztecs and Conquistadors are still in process
  • Five other sets are sculpted or mostly complete for sculpture and in the queue for early 2021
  • Concept artists are working on three new sci-fi and fantasy sets

There's quite a bit going on here at Wargames Atlantic and our goal is to both introduce new ranges and continue to add to the existing ones so that over time we build comprehensive, substantial ranges.

Classic Fantasy will see several more sets and Death Fields will gain new factions over the next few months. We will also be expanding on what we have in those ranges already (as we are doing with adding Command and Heavy Support to the Grognards - hint halflings, skeletons, Raumjäger, hint, hint).

First Empires has two new sets on the way. Blood Oaths has two in the works. Imperial Conquests is gaining several additions. The Great War range will continue to expand after the French. The third set for the Wars of Napoleon is being planned. And we're also excited to have more in the works for World Ablaze! And yes, we have at least one more historical range about to launch that we will show off this month.

In short: Can't stop, won't stop. Thanks for joining us on this plastic journey!

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Marc LaPlante - October 3, 2020

Glad to see this set coming forward. Love the direction you have taken, covering armies ignored by other companies.
Looking forward to seeing further additions to your miniature lines.

Mike - October 3, 2020

Brilliant set. So many uses! Excited for these. Female partisans are a definite must though!

Patrick Ballinger - October 3, 2020

WHOOT! Plastic Partizans! Long overdue!

WArren - October 3, 2020

Yes!!! This is great news

Batfink - October 3, 2020

Plastic Partisans finally!
Fantastic, keep up the good work!

Lippert - October 3, 2020

Listen very carefully, I shall say this only once:
Any chance of female partisans in this, or future sets?

Y.Whateley - October 3, 2020

Pretty excited to see this set – a fascinating area of history, and I think a civilian/resistance set in this era fills a versatile and useful but tragically neglected niche. I can’t wait!

Frontis WIggins - October 3, 2020

Thank you. Thank you for pursuing your dreams and helping some of us to fulfill ours. Keep charging.

Tabris - October 3, 2020

Can’t await the Napo Spanish … how many minis are inthe box ?

Furthermore is the question which way you want run… fill gaps from other companys or make your own favour battlefield with the needed fractions ( WW1 with easter view isn’t the worst :). I’m very happy to see more non often seen Napoleonics (russian arty & horse, persians, sweden, US), ottomans for all ages (maybe napoleonic ;) and korean war chinese of 1950.

Stephane - October 2, 2020

In short: Don’t stop !!! ;)

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