Flash Sale! Halflings!

Flash Sale! Halflings!

Oops we did it again! This time with the wee folk who are none to pleased about coming up to fight in the High Queen's army when there is a perfect barrel of ale and a few roast chickens at home! 

This fantastic hard plastic set features 40 Halflings with a variety of weapons including bows, swords, halberds, pikes, and slings! 

$25 / £20 usually $34.95 / £25!!
Multi-Buy Deals!
Buy 3 Boxes for $70/£55
Buy 5 Boxes for $100/£85
Buy 10 Boxes for $185/£150
Click on the box to get yours!
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Phil - June 27, 2021

I just squeaked in through the door on the dark age irish sale it seems but these halflings are now looking tasty too…

FrankR - June 25, 2021

Hi… when can we buy the IronCore Panzerjäger guys?
I wait since weeks now… ;-)

Pat Stoddart - June 25, 2021

same as Jess, I bought my second and last box of these little lads a few weeks back. Did someone mention Halfling Warmachines, before I start converting?

Jess - June 24, 2021

I ordered a box like 3 days before this sale went live, bummer.

David Phillips - June 24, 2021

nice i already own the halflings but it was nice to buy the irish men last time

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