Four New Packs Available!

Four New Packs Available!

We've just launched four new printed resin packs on our store at Only-Games! These will ship directly to you already printed and ready for painting!

These were all part of digital file releases for our Tribes subscription at MyMiniFactory (which you should definitely join!) We've taken the full figures from each to create four new single-piece figure packs: 

These individual figure packs are a great complement to our plastic sets and are shipped directly to you in high-quality, durable, printed resin just like other resin and metal models. 

We will be releasing more new sets next week as well as we update our January Tribes subscription. For those of you with access to a 3D printer, Tribes is a really affordable way to get a lot of interesting models each month.

For those without a printer we offer the already printed versions like the ones above. We currently have 30 unique products available at our Only-Games shop!

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Troy - January 20, 2023

So the peasants looked good until I saw the men all have the same face. If you’re selling a uniformed army, maybe not as bad, but for this set it’s a deal breaker. And you’re designing on a computer, so how hard is it to add some variety?

Geoff Maybury - January 15, 2023

I know that companies have problems and that X-mas can cause delays but I wanted 3 sets of printed items, which due to scale problems, dropped down to one, the Security Robots I ordered 2 packs 0n the 18th when it said 5 days, like Paul above I sent 3 emails to a none receiving post. At the moment I`m showing none dispatch on trace forward. I live in the UK, victim of their own success they may be but they`ve certainly not got your good “rep”, and no contact is a damn silly way to calm customers, at 68 I`ve seen it all over the years, but this is weird,

Paul Mitting - January 14, 2023

I am waiting for my pre-Xmas order too, here in the back end of the earth we call Perth, Western Australia. My biggest gripe is that the email I got to say they had received my order told me to reply to the email if there were any questions. The sneaky part was the email address is a no-reply one and if you do reply you get an automatic response saying it couldn’t be delivered! Just like my printing order.

alfonso jou - January 14, 2023

primero gracias por los conquistadores y aztecas y lo segundo aqui decimos que quien mucho abarca poco coje gracias y hasta pronto

alfonso jou - January 14, 2023

primero gracias por los conquistadores y aztecas y lo segundo aqui decimos que quien mucho abarca poco coje gracias y hasta pronto

Model Hunter - January 13, 2023

These miniatures look great and I am also still waiting since mid December. I am more concerned with no updates on Plastics and ongoing delays with the new plastic releases (eg Spacenam) to Australia.
You folks have done some of the best miniatures (plastic) I have seen and acquired and I’d hate to think that you are letting yourself down by focusing on 3D and poor couriers.

Please give the Plastics the love they need so your dedicated customers can buy and build/paint your fantastic miniatures (and please don’t forget us ‘down under’).

Wargames Atlantic - January 13, 2023

Hi Shayne – sorry for the delay with Only-Games. We have asked about it and they seem to be a victim of their own success with massive numbers of orders leading up to the holidays. They’ve told us that they’ve hired and trained several new staff and expect to be all caught up and on a much faster schedule in about 10 days.

Shayne Bray - January 13, 2023

You should be up front and let people know that their paid for product won’t even be shipped for well over a month. An order placed with Only-Games on December 16th has not even been sent and yet I received an email blaming delays on Royal Mail! Bit hard to provide delivery on something that hasn’t even been posted. No response to emails I have sent to the company, either. Sure, there are massive post delays, but this delay is with you, not anybody else.

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