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FREE POSTAGE ANYWHERE IN THE WORLD when you spend over $50USD/£35 Use the button at the bottom of the page to choose your local currency.


French Resistance Sprue

French Resistance Sprue

Here's the sprue for the French Resistance set. You'll get 8 of these in the box to build up to 32 figures. These arms are also compatible with the WW1 Germans and the upcoming WW1 French and of course will be able to be used with future WW2 sets for even more variety and weapon options.

Click the image above to pre-order yours. Production is underway on these along with the unannounced Napoleonic plastic set that shares the mold. We will have more to tell about that one in the next couple weeks!


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Pass - February 27, 2021

I’m concerned that there is only two rifles per frame.

Looking closer at the pics of painted demo models, the fellow in the bowler hat with a rifle braced isn’t actually a possibility….

Iain - January 2, 2021

Very nice indeed. But we could do with some female resistance types too. Any chance of a female set in plastic, or at least a body or two and some heads we could combine with these?

JP Peters - November 22, 2020

This looks like a great set with lots of potential for not only French but other partisans. Interested what will come in follow on sets? Good work and keep them coming.

Paul Mccullagh - November 22, 2020

Very nice…but
Four figures aren’t enough and the bren gunner is pure fantasy as no one could fire a bren from the shoulder while standing…there should be a kneeling or prone figure
This set needs to have 6 poses including 1 kneeling and 1 prone

Lippert - November 22, 2020

So many uses for these minis. Pulp adventurers, diesel punk, atomic horror, post apocalypse – with a bit of Kitbashing. Could be my favorite WA release yet. A real shame there isn’t a female set to go with these

Jarn - November 22, 2020

Set looks ace, can I just confirm there’s only 3 pistols per frame though? that would be a shame :(

Y. Whateley - November 21, 2020

Fantastic set – I’ve been looking forward to this one! With only a little creative kitbashing, these look like they’ll be perfect for Classic/Pulp era Call of Cthulhu characters like investigators, gangsters, cultists, and other civilian characters: just need to source or scratch-build some shotguns, hunting rifles, and melee weapons (like hatchets, canes, clubs, and knives) – sounds like the sort of project I’d have a lot of fun with, and I’ll certainly be picking up a couple boxes of these guys! I agree with Falk: these look like they’ll kitbash well with modern militias and so on – the outfits are just generic enough that they can fit into a variety of theatres from the ‘20s up to perhaps the ’70s or ’80s and maybe beyond, as long as we’re willing to fudge things just a little.

And, now I’d kinda like to see a set of generic period police officers, too… I wonder if that’s a little too niche for wargamers? Creative wargamers would surely find a great use for that sort of thing in cops-vs-gangsters skirmishes, or in Cold War sci-fi games (a War of the Worlds or Invaders from Mars type thing might be a lot of fun – bring on a Martian invaders set as well!)

Falk - November 21, 2020

I would love to see a modern weapon set that can be used with these and with your Afghans. A bunch of AKs, PKMs and RPGs and alternative heads for Mujahideen and Chechens. Throw in some AR-15 style rifles and modern SMGs and some generic heads with balaclavas to make organised crime / gang miniatures.

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