Fun with 2-ups

Fun with 2-ups

You've probably heard of 3-ups. Those are the 3x scale sculptures that are done when molds need to be made using a pantograph machine. The larger size is made into a pattern that is reduced to get to 28mm sized models.

This is something different...and also completely useless for our manufacturing! As we use the 3D printer to prototype work-in-progress sculpture, we sometimes will print parts at 2x their actual size. Mostly this is just for fun, but it does help us get a feel for how the parts fit together.

In the image above there are three 3D prints and one hard plastic figure: the assembled skeleton on the bottom right. You can see that the final plastic is actually much crisper than the 3D prints themselves.

As mentioned in a previous post, we tend to print everything multiple times during the design phase to make sure everything fits correctly and looks good at scale.

And, oh yes, for those who are paying attention, that's one of our Achaemenid Persians! More on those at a later date!

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