Get in the Driver's Seat and Choose Our Future Releases (Poll)

Get in the Driver's Seat and Choose Our Future Releases (Poll)

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Red Bee - June 5, 2022

I will take one of each of those Death Fields please!

Y. Whateley - June 4, 2022

Lots of great poll choices, and the comments are full of great ideas, too!

I love the suggestions of Neanderthals, Robots/Cyborgs, and Selenites (anything retro-scifi works for me!) I’ve gotta love the G-Men and Gangsters poll choice, and I’m going to have to write-in for Wild West, too!

I don’t think anything Wargames Atlantic has on the Release Schedule sounds like a disappointment to me, though – you guys are firing on all cylinders here, and it’s glorious!

Gordon Nichols - June 4, 2022

Would you also consider making WW-I Canadian infantry and cavalry? Nobody makes them in any scale that I’m aware of, and I would love to model up my grandfather’s cavalry regiment from that time period.

PEter - June 4, 2022

The oh rah will do for stand in starship troopers mobile infantry. Like the choices for historical releases but can you consider releasing all the relevant sets for an army at once such as Egyptian archers,spear men and chariots so that we can build a workable army iconfident in the knowledge that we can actually complete and use it without waiting months or years for the essentials to be released.

Doshu Tokeshi - June 4, 2022

Army Builder ECW/TYW Marching Pikemen and Musketeers would be awesome! To replace the unusable “charge your pike” (leveled pike figures) from Warlord Games.

Jason - June 4, 2022

Warring states. Need to add chinese soldiers to my miniature army.

Wayne - June 4, 2022 to see a army builder for ECW 30years war!

Magnus Guild - June 4, 2022

Let me second the request for Hungarian infantry (possible use as Grenzer) and grenadiers.

Daniel - June 4, 2022

I’ll just say my shakos and bayonets project eagerly awaits Spanish Napoleonics!

Shadow Walker - June 4, 2022


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