Good News, Bad News, Other Good News

Good News, Bad News, Other Good News

We have some good news, some bad news, and some other good news.

First, the good - Les Grognards are in stock in our US and UK warehouses and orders are shipping out today and tomorrow. Because of Chinese New Year they are not available yet direct from China or in our Australia-based warehouse. They will be in stock later in February after CNY.

CNY also caused a little havoc with the Persians. We had hoped to have them on the same flight out as the Grognards, but a last minute change to the box depth caused a delay that snowballed into them missing the flight. They are all done and ready to go and waiting for the holiday to be over and the factories to be back at it on February 10th. Apologies to all who had a pre-order in as it will be a little bit more of a wait.

In better news, when the Persians ship out we should also be shipping the Dark Age Irish and the Afghans sets. We will have more news and updates on timing on those in the next couple weeks.

And the factory will turn it's attention to the World War One Germans on their return as well. In the meantime, the design team is hard at work on more sets to put into tooling in February and March.

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