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Heat 1: Elimination Round (2 of 6)

Heat 1: Elimination Round (2 of 6)

We had a huge response to yesterday's first Round and are ready for Round 2! Get your votes in here: 


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Y. Whateley - April 23, 2021

Space Pirates are another fantastic idea! I remember that one being a pretty common “trope” for retro sci-fi, so hopefully we see some retro sci-fi space pirates (I’m thinking the sort of thing you’d see in Star Wars, Star Trek, Babylon 5, or Firefly: a mix of space-civilians, space suits, and space-“navy” uniforms – a choice of old-fashioned raygun-gothic weapons alongside something more modern – like the cannon-fodder guys’ guns – would be great!)

Ben Honey - April 23, 2021

Looking forward to seeing what gets through

Jules Moles - April 23, 2021

Some nice ones mixed with the bizarre lol. Nepalese camel gunners made me chuckle. But the figures that can be used for many different types/periods get my attention so SYW gineric, Askari and African modern troops/militia got my attention. Still want 80/30 Years War cavalry in mixed armor though. :D. Love the idea of endless possibilities in plastic kits tough.

Legatuys Hedlius - April 23, 2021

Perry Miniatures will be doing Franco Prussian wars in plastic.

An Extrovert Paints - April 22, 2021

KITSUNE! Holy yes! Please Kitsune!

Also WW1 Greeks!

Tim Edwards - April 19, 2021

Does the lack of Napoleonic Camp Followers in this poll mean you’ve succumbed to vast public pressure to actually release them? :)

Jack - April 19, 2021


Robert Coleman - April 19, 2021

Sea Peoples, but I still have to put a plug in for Trojan War Acheans and Trojans

Frederik F. - April 19, 2021

There are some good ones this time around! The Askari and Prussians have my full attention.

Atlas Manning - April 18, 2021

This contest is so cool. I’m really excited seeing all the possibilities and I feel like whatever the winner is it is bound to be awesome

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