Heat 1: Elimination Round (4 of 6)

Heat 1: Elimination Round (4 of 6)

We're in Round 4 of entries for Heat 1. Rounds 1-3 are still going strong. We will take the top 10 from each of the 6 Rounds in Heat 1 for Heat 2. Vote now and remember if you leave your email you'll have a chance for the Grand Prize too: 


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An Extrovert Paints - April 22, 2021

WW2 Italians please!

Nikolas L - April 20, 2021

WW1 Commonwealth Scottish. (Who wouldn’t like a few Ladies from Hell)
Far too many of the submissions are for kits that already exist somewhere (in plastic), so it would be far better to vote for sets that are novel and niche, but that’s just my 2 cents.

Jack - April 20, 2021

The three kingdoms infantry would be amazing and I also really like the idea of the French revolution mob. All around tho these are some awesome ideas and I can’t wait to see which make it!

Gerrit Wruck - April 20, 2021

Chinese Warring States/3 Kingdoms Infantry…. oh please bring this to live. I am searching for so long.

DankeYanki - April 20, 2021

Would love WWI weapon teams for german!

Brian R. Van De Walker - April 20, 2021

So weren’t female Partisans in the previous round?

Roussel - April 20, 2021

Martial Artists , modern yakuzas , modern asian citizens , and Steampunk miniatures , That’s the kind of miniatures , I would like to see .

Frederik F. - April 20, 2021

Love the idea of a weapon sprue. Askari with options!

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