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Heat 2 Voting Ends Tonight!

Heat 2 Voting Ends Tonight!

This is your last chance to vote for the 4 Rounds of Heat 2! 

Click on Articles and News above for links to each of the 4 Rounds of Heat 2 and get your votes in!

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Applefritter - May 5, 2021

There were sets in all for rounds of heat 2 I wouldn’t mind seeing. I am interested to see what comes in the finals.

Al - May 4, 2021

Space samurai cowboy robots riding gas mask cybernetic horses with centaur options

DARREN - May 4, 2021


david phillips - May 4, 2021

Shaun Gooch i mean some solid robots would be nice but i´m personally in the mood of death fields just getting more sets in general… like space cowboys please win

Shaun Gooch - May 4, 2021

I really hope for some sort of robots!

I think, regardless of the outcome of the vote. I hope WA seriously consider some sort of robots for Deathfields. If they are along the lines of their own take on Adeptus Mechanicus -ish constructs. They would sell a ton of them for proxies alone, let alone as a great left field addition for Deathfields.

Seriously guys! Give it some sort of serious consideration!!!

Deathfields Cybernetic Troops!

One critique of the line up currently available for Deathfields, is, that it’s just more of currently global variant of sci-fi men in various uniforms/armour.

I think, most would agree, that there exists a lot of variation of this type currently available in plastic from a multitude of manufacturers.

For this reason I’d like to steer things away from sci-fi rinse and repeat , more towards a vision from left field.

The bottom line guys!

Give us some damn robots/variants. Pretty please with sugar on top.

Or, failing that. Crimean War British Grenadier Guards! Please.

As for the remaining non Deathfields suggestions. I would punt for WWI German Cavalry. I’d buy a box or two just to add to my collection.

I’m becoming more of a collector these days as I get older. Tho. I’m always happy to support companies endeavours, especially when producing plastic kits.

Keep up the great work.

(Don’t let the ‘Conspiracy Nuts!’ change the way that you let fully open voting for all here!

I’d swear they’d have you demand blood samples and photographic proof of who we are, before being allowed to vote on which kits you should procduce.

Left up to the millennials we will end up with a world that mirrors the very pages of Orwell’s 1984.

jake gates - May 4, 2021

sci fi russis for astra militarum !!!

David Polhamus - May 4, 2021

come on Death Fields Samurai!

Colton - May 3, 2021

Defiantly wanting to see some Sci-fi Samurai, but any new Death fields would be nice.

Andrew - May 3, 2021

Come on, WW1 German cavalry…

Tom - May 3, 2021

I hope for Death Fields Soviets / Russians.

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