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Join in the Sausage Making

Join in the Sausage Making

We often get asked how things work behind the scenes. And I usually reply with a variation of Bismarck's quote: 28mm plastic figures are like sausages, it's best not to see them in the making. Well let's throw back the curtain!

One day perhaps we can take folks through the journey step-by-step from the first sculpting brief through to the unloading at the warehouses, but for now let's look at the sculpting side.

Here we have the first round of parts sculpted for the upcoming Afghan Tribal Cavalry set (the horses are on a separate frame that is already finished).

We've printed the parts on a 3D printer to check for fit and sizing and now we want to make some changes. These are the initial notes for the sculptor which in some cases will include separate reference images. Before we send these along though, we'd love to have your input.

Are there any other things you would want to change on the existing parts? Anything you think needs to be included? Let us know in the comments below or where this is posted on our Facebook page.


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Sgt Guinness - September 12, 2020

Remove the spears, not used, one to be used for a standard would be nice. Beehive and bushy hats are only for Regular Afghan Cavalry units, not tribal cavalry.
Different sizes and designs of shields. Most Afghans didn’t cover their faces. Jezzail design is off as is noted. A Martini-Henry or other mfgr rifles would be a nice option. Many guns were smuggled into Afghanistan.

It looks to be the begging of a nice set!

Garfield - September 12, 2020

As this set is to complement the infantry, please have some more firing poses. Only one firing pose and many loose guns was maybe the biggest letdown with that set. The different headdresses here are very welcome! Especially the beehive hats, but the turcoman as well. Please have enough on the sprues to make the bits box happy! Really looking forward to this set!

Jason - September 12, 2020

I like the work,would appreciate maybe some Martini Henry options too. As other have suggested some concept of a weapons through the ages sprue

Sebastian - September 12, 2020

A pistol hand (preferably a left hand) would be excellent.

David - September 12, 2020

I agree with Axel that separate Muskets and Jezzails would be good to sling across their backs. Otherwise a great frame.

David Millward - September 12, 2020

The clothing should mirror that of the Tribesmen set, so that making mounted and dismounted figures for the same character is possible.

Y. Whateley - September 12, 2020

Would there have been any handguns in a similar style to the rifles? Just a thought… if so, maybe the entire arm won’t be necessary, just a hand or two, holding handguns, which would be easy enough for us to swap onto any appropriate arm. Whatever the case, these look fantastic! I can’t help thinking they’d make some fine pulp villains, fantasy gaming cavalry, eccentric fantasy RPG characters… the generic faux-Euro medieval fantasy thing is so tired, these guys are nice and different!

Stu - September 11, 2020

Yes, Lee Enfields to bring them into the Inter war period, maybe a Lewis gun? A modern weapons (AKs, M16s etc) would have to be a whole new set.

Mark Bevis - September 11, 2020

Check that the spears were actually bamboo as made here? Not sure that they were, I’d have thought they would have been plain ash or similar. Having just looked up Moghul Indian spears, they were tapering bamboo, so maybe the sculpt is correct.
I would like to see a spear per man. Agree with adding musket (Brown Bess) plus a Brunswick rifle. The latter I have found since I last messaged was a popular border rifle for decades, made in Nepal, 1840-1870, it being an improved Napoleonic Baker rifle with a percussion cap.

I’m assuming you’ve not been able to include the armoured cavalry I hoped for?

David Reay - September 11, 2020

Different sizes of shield? Beehive style hat? But the existing bits are really nice!

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