Last Chance! The Digital Damned Retirement!

Last Chance! The Digital Damned Retirement!

Back in November when we launched our Tribes on MyMiniFactory we kicked things off with a big set of The Damned. The response to these models was so positive that we decided to take them to plastic - and in a big way! 

As a result, they've all been completely redesigned and made plastic-ready and the earlier version of them is going to be retired. If you were a Tribes member in November (or if you've subsequently purchased them) you will still have access to your files - we're just going to stop selling this digital version of them.

And Tribes members have no fear we will be adding some extra bits and bobs to enhance the plastic Damned sets over the coming months! 

We'll give folks a few days to decide if they want to pick up the old versions and then they'll be turned off on our store


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J_K - May 17, 2023

Thanks for the heads up on this. I went ahead and grabbed it for more options even though I don’t have a 3d printer in the event I ever do.

Marian - May 17, 2023

Got them :D

Bluecho - May 17, 2023

The old set being phased out for the new one is probably for the best. But I would like to see some of the different head options remain for sale. They had a different flavor to the new ones, especially the ones with hoods and flowing capes. Maybe we could get updated files for them. An update on that bald, mask-wearing head could do well incorporated into some kind of officer model.

Red Bee - May 16, 2023

This gives me the smallest bit of hope that Rebell Yell will get upgraded some day.

There are some great bits in the Digital damned, if anyone is debating it, but you can tell the WGA team has gotten much much better at supports since the set released.

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