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Les Grognards Prepare to Deploy

Les Grognards Prepare to Deploy

Bonjour les amis! With all the excitement around those furry footed halflings, we thought it was a good time to talk about the next set that will be with us VERY soon: Les Grognards.

Les Grognards are a new team for Death Fields that has been assembled over the centuries from three different French warrior groups. The original team was comprised of Napoleon's Old and Young Guard. They were joined a century later by troops from the Western Front of the Great War. The most recent members of the team arrived via the jungles of Vietnam. Over the centuries, their shared French language and culture (and owner trades) have brought them together as a combined team on the Death Fields circuit.

Because the team is made from these three diverse groups, they have taken to wearing the iconic headgear of each of their histories. To accomplish this, we needed to include MANY heads in the set and that meant we needed to add a second sprue.

The first sprue is done tooling and includes all the main bodies and weapons and three heads - the WW1 Adrian helmet with gasmask. The second sprue is wrapping up in tooling now and includes: 3 Adrian heads without gasmask, 3 kepi heads with gasmask, 3 kepi heads without gasmask, 3 bearskin heads with gasmask, 3 bearskin heads without gasmask, 3 shako heads with gasmask, 3 shako heads without gasmask, and 3 neckflaps that can be attached to the kepis. Altogether you will get 192 heads in this box set.

Also about to wrap up tooling: Ancient Persians for the First Empires range and another set that we haven't announced for a new historical range. We also have more Death Fields, more Classic Fantasy, and sets for 6 different historical ranges all at some level of development for release in Q1 2020.

We leave you with the fabulous Andy Zeck's Les Grognard in true World War One style:

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