Lizardmen and Prussian Reserve Shipping Next Week!

Lizardmen and Prussian Reserve Shipping Next Week!

We've had confirmation from the freight companies that the Lizardmen and Prussian Reserve sets will be delivered to our warehouse in the UK next week and the US one the week after. Once the teams have gotten everything sorted they will be shipping off to you! 

The Lizardmen set lets you build fantasy, sci-fi, and VSF versions with a mix of weapons and different head types. Click the box to see more photos, the sprue, and get yours! 

The Prussian Reserve is our first Army Builder set. This new type of plastic set from us features figures made with less parts (so less assembly), no command (so you'll need to source plastic or metal command separately), but a HUGE number of figures in the box. 60! Customize your unit sizes based on whatever rules or preferences you have. Click the box above to get yours. If you need a LOT of Prussians the 10 box deal gives you 600! 

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Kevin Scrivner - March 20, 2021

You have lizard men, British infantry, and Chinese Boxers. Now all we need is a heroes and villains set containing an irascible scientist, a consulting detective, a brawny jungle king, a planet-hopping swordsman, an insidious mastermind, an immortal slinky sorceress, a personality swapping physician, and a sinister European nobleman (twirlable mustache optional). ;)

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