Merry Christmas Ya Filthy Animals!

Merry Christmas Ya Filthy Animals!

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to All! Thank you for another wonderful year! 

Since we've just launched the new digital/3D print side of Wargames Atlantic we thought we'd give everyone a gift this year! 

Go over to our page on MyMiniFactory and download this iconic Christmas figure for free!

And hint-hint besides being a Christmas memory he may also be the first in a new range for us! 

Come on over and sign up for our Tribes monthly subscription. We're releasing a crazy amount of new digital sets along with 3D printed resin figures on Only-Games

Lots of sets and even new ranges coming in 2023. Stay tuned! 


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MK - December 28, 2022

Cool! Does that mean we get the G-Men and Gangsters 2023 in plastic?! That would be great!

MK - December 28, 2022

Cool! Are we going to see the G-Men and Gangsters set this year? This looks like a promising start! Would be great if gangsters came out in plastic!

Wm Lotz - December 25, 2022

Merry Christmas You Guys ROCK!

W2K - December 25, 2022

Best Christmas wishes to the team! I really hope i’ll finally be able to get my hands on the beautiful-looking Egyptians the next year, i’ve ben desiring to have an Egyptian army since I started my wargaming hobby!

Red Bee - December 25, 2022

New Line? Famous Faces? Criminals and Villians?

That preview looks fantastic! I hope it’s for a new hard plastic set.

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