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FREE POSTAGE ANYWHERE IN THE WORLD when you spend over $50USD/£35 Use the button at the bottom of the page to choose your local currency.


More Cannon Fodder Previews

More Cannon Fodder Previews

Matthew Leahy has finished a few more photographs of his painted Cannon Fodder for the box art. We previewed some of these on Facebook this week but have even more to show here! 

Cannon Fodder participate in a different kind of "bug hunt". The kind where the bugs are hunting THEM! 

Two members of a Cannon Fodder team being remote-controlled by over-enthusiastic fans find themselves surrounded by a Raumjäger team.

Using the alternate fully enclosed helmets and some different paint schemes can get you a starship crew or hostile environment suit look. These two are the last remaining team members facing methane-breathing techno-Raptors. 

Finally, a detachment of Cannon Fodder make their way through a jungle clearing unaware that a sniper team has marked their position for the incoming mortar strike. 

We are hard at work with this one and trying to get it out to you as soon as possible! 

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Grimbo - April 12, 2021

Yet another amazing kit with many different uses I can see it being used for multiple regiments for imperial guard in 40k or even games like stargrave or any sci-fi wargame

sam - April 5, 2021

I’m so pumped to use these as death korps conscripts. I’ve always wanted to field 90 conscripts on a board :D

My 40k headcannon for this will be that they’re imperial indentured penal workers with chem collars.


Derek Krumel - April 1, 2021

is there a rules set for Death Fields?

Y. Whateley - March 26, 2021

I’m with Paul: I typically get a so-so vibe from sci-fi kits as not being quite to my taste in sci-fi (the “grimdark” thing that seems to have been the usual thing out there doesn’t really grab me very much), but I was sold the instant I saw these Cannon Fodder guys and realized they were like a cyber-punk style colonial marine type kit… if I weren’t already sold then, I definitely was when i saw those retro silver-suited guys. This is right up my alley, yet another Wargames Atlantic kit that I’m really excited about!

Now, if someone out there would only do a build-your-own-custom-retro-robots kit in the style of those classic “art deco” style works of art like Lost in Space’s Robot or Robby the Robot, and a retro B-movie Martians kit, I for one would be delighted beyond words!

I’m definitely throwing my money at a couple boxes of Cannon Fodder, looking forward to kitbashing them and inventing games for them!

BTW – Happy birthday, Wargames Atlantic!

Frederik F. - March 20, 2021

Loving these guys! Can’t wait to bash them with the kits I have laying around!

Sebastian - March 20, 2021

Why are the pictures so small? Is the article designed for phones where you can zoom in? On a desktop, you don’t see much.

John Doherty - March 20, 2021

So how many models will each box allow you to make?

Ben - March 20, 2021

Do they have options for pistol + knife/melee?
I really want to use these in Stargrave!

Paul Collins - March 20, 2021

To be honest, I was only getting a so-so vibe…until I saw the retro silver suited ones! These are now on the “must have” list. I will be unapologetically stealing that paint scheme, by the way. Great stuff, thanks.

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