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Results for Modern Periods Poll

Results for Modern Periods Poll

We put up a short poll last week to ask your opinion on some more modern conflicts starting with the Inter-War period right after WW1. The poll was designed in two parts with the first allowing multiple selections and the second narrowing down to your top choice. Here are the results:


Nato Pact/Warsaw 1980s was the clear winner overall. However if you combine Current Forces and Private Military Contractors they beat that # soundly. Vietnam was a solid 3rd behind both of these.

There's a lot of food for thought here and we haven't committed to anything yet, but we will let you know if we do.

We promised a giveaway and are waiting to hear back from the winner chosen from the emails that were entered. We'll let you know who they are and what they won on our Facebook page. Thanks again for all your responses.

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Brian Van De Walker - July 20, 2020

If you do Warsaw/NATO 1980’s, I would start with Russians. I

f you do more current stuff I would do contractors first with limited weapon options (FN FAL rifles, a grenade launcher, one SAW, and a shotgun), if that does well, then for the major power either US or China (not both of them at first and not Russia unless you want to do the Ukrainian conflict or are doing the line as completely fantasy modern) and some sort of jihadi Terror/Third world force or if you feel too hesitant about that just go fantasy and do The Circle Trigonists (modern Cobra Viper style).

That said I don’t really recommend doing anything past WW2 unless you can guarantee an average sale of 2 boxes or more per customer with high number of buyers , particularly when you can focus on WW1 and the late 19th century.

P.S.:(the fantasy force and contractors might get 2 or more box sales in the numbers you need, but to be honest modern plastic sets are a Kick Starter idea overall).

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