New International Currency Checkout

New International Currency Checkout

We've been busy little beavers/bees/alien swarm bugs in the background here and have just rolled out some new features on the store to make your lives a little easier.

Now when you shop on the site, you can choose your local currency and checkout in that currency -- even in PayPal. 

On your first visit to the site (unless your location uses US dollars) you'll be prompted if you want to change to a different currency. There is also a small button at the bottom center of every page to do the same thing (or if you're just curious how much our sets cost in Vietnam or New Zealand!) 

Over the next few weeks we'll also be rolling out some additional functionality for our international customers. Please let us know how this works for you in the messages below or if there is anything else on the site you think we could improve to make your shopping easier, faster, more exciting, or what ever you like! Let us know!

As always, remember that EVERY order shipping ANYWHERE over $50USD/£35 ships FREE everywhere in the world worldwide yes that means your country wherever you may be. Yes, even there. Yes, that one too.

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