New Set Announced: Unarmored Late Roman Infantry!

New Set Announced: Unarmored Late Roman Infantry!

Following up on the first two sets in this range: Late Roman Legionaries (1): Lorica Hamata and Goth Warriors we have been working on a set of unarmored Roman infantry for this later period! 

This set will allow you to build a variety of troop types armed with spear, spatha, or plumbata including options for full command. Additional light troops are being readied for release as well. 

There is also a new shield sprue as part of this set so that we can fit more useful parts on the frames of this and future Decline and Fall sets! 

Here are some of the figures painted by the talented Christian Lemmen who also painted our Aztecs! 

Stay tuned for more as these and the other Decline and Fall sets get closer to completion! 


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Porsenna - September 22, 2022

These guys are great! But when are the scaled armor guys coming? I’ve been looking forward to them for what feels like ages!

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