New Set Coming: Lizardmen

New Set Coming: Lizardmen

Officially part of our Classic Fantasy range, the Lizardmen are going to include parts to allow them to be used for fantasy (spear and sword), VSF: Victorian Science Fiction (homegrown muskets and British ones), and straight sci-fi (a stub-nosed banana-clip auto-rifle)

Sculpting for this set has completed and they are currently with the tool room. They are the fifth set in line (including Grognard Command and the Eisenkern) but will hopefully be with us before 2020 is finally, thankfully, over.

The final number in the box is not determined yet and nothing is final until the mold is cut. We will keep you updated on their progress.


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Michael - September 25, 2020

Need retro rayguns for those lizardmen

Sean Emrick - September 25, 2020

Nice! Working on a Polynesian themed fantasy project and these will be perfect for Moko. Any chance we could get some Pacific Island themed war clubs in there in addition to the aforementioned spears/swords.

Carey N Caldwell - September 24, 2020

Awesome – I saw them in the Legion. Any chance of getting some jezzails in there?

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