New Shield Transfers from Relic Miniatures

New Shield Transfers from Relic Miniatures

We have partnered with Relic Miniatures who have produced some stunning shield transfers for the Persians. Relic is a Canada-based company with a lovely range of metal ancients and mythic figures.
The Persian transfers were specifically designed for the shields in the set and can be purchased at their website. Irish and Skeleton transfers are planned as well! You can order your Persian transfers here.
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Robert - November 20, 2022

Not sure I like how beat up they look. I’m planning on making my Wargames Atlantic Late Romans Palatina Legionnaires and am hoping to make mine more like the models photographed to show them off. I can’t find the transfers used for the life of me the Vitrix ones are for the Oval Shields rather than the Rounded ones but thats the closest I have found so far.

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