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News Roundup - Week to January 22

News Roundup - Week to January 22

As we did last week we wanted to highlight some of the things that popped up on Facebook this week. 

We previewed the upcoming WW1/2 French set as Matthew Leahy started to get them painted and photographed (along with getting in on the Bernie Sanders meme action): 



We also had sample boxes in for the new Lizardmen and Prussian Reserve (check the last article for their expected arrival dates): 

And we did a little preview of an ancients set that is in the works: 

More on these in the next few weeks as we get them laid out for tooling. We think this will be a very versatile set!

The rest you can find in the various blog posts here on the site. Talk to you next week!

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Don Williams - February 6, 2021

Your first Dark Ages box, the Irish Warriors, are truly outstanding and among the best plastic kits in the market for this period. Now that I’ve completed my Irish warband for Saga, I’m looking forward to the next release — very soon, I hope?

russell mccaughan - January 24, 2021

Hi russell from nz. ottomans with bow and guns.would be a good army to collect of course after my Aztecs come out .they cover a very large range not sure if some of your Arabs could be used for there core troops

Art Turney - January 23, 2021

My personal two bits of opinion would be for Great Game/Back of Beyond-type ranges. In particular I think that a plastic Cossack would appeal to the market. Using different heads and maybe different guns you could likely stretch the Cossacks from Napoleon to WW I, and maybe even WW II. They were also a key part of Russian forces during the Great Game.

Miniatures in your line look wonderfully kit-bashable. Once I clear my table of WW II Americans I am thinking of getting your French Army and French Resistance and using Adrian helmets on Resistance bodies to model some Spanish Civil War troops.

Whatever you do, may it prosper,

Art Turney

Alexander R - January 23, 2021

I agree with Frederik F about there being a general need for more mid 19th century kits (disregarding ACW which is fairly well covered by other manufacturers), for example how about the Italian wars of unification? A kit with austrian infantry could cover the wars of 1859, 1864 and 1866 fairly easily for example.

Ben Joyce - January 22, 2021

I would love to see more ww1 stuff. Maybe some cav on each side, then a tank?

Frederik F. - January 22, 2021

Your ranges thus far have been delightfully unique. Are we likely to see ranges depicting the Prussian Wars of Unification or perhaps even the Balkan Wars? The mid to late 19th century is depicted by very few kits, nearly none of them are plastic, let alone quality. I have loved your French kits, and would buy up an 1870 French kit immediately.

Paul breau - January 22, 2021

looking forward to the prussians

Graham - January 22, 2021

When will we get the Bernie Sanders figure?

Greg Ward - January 22, 2021

Hi I’m interested in your new French forces and wonder if you are aware of the Facebook Group – Chain of Command France 1940? Or the Wargaming World website or YouTube channel? I could post your details if it helps to promote? Speak at some point, Greg Ward

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