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On Table Top Review French Partisans

On Table Top Review French Partisans

Gerry is back at it from On Table Top with an indepth video review of our Partisans (1): French Resistance box set. Get yours here!


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Richard A Zamudio - July 29, 2021

I too agree that the integral bases are something that future boxes can easily come without. I am also curious as to why the head/neck has such an unusual mounting point with the body. It makes it very hard to use these with other figure brands.

P. Holden - July 27, 2021

Agreed entirely with Justin’s earlier points. Two rifles is really disappointing, and I don’t especially want to have to buy a box of Germans or similar to kitbash additional options into this one. They’re very nicely done, but the proportion of SMGs is crazy.

Bobby K - July 26, 2021

I absolutely love this set. I’ve used it for both WW2 resistance fighters and VBCW. In the end the four bodies provide a huge amount of variety because there are only so many normal positions you can be in when you’re firing or advancing. As all good wargame figures should be! Great weapons, great heads. Can’t wait to mix and match with whatever else they come out with too. I did add in some WW1 German rifle arms for even more variety and I suspect the upcoming WW2 French arms will be perfect for them too.

Phillip - July 26, 2021

Love me some Gerry reviews.

Justin - July 26, 2021

Aside from head variety, I honestly found this kit to be quite poor and disappointing in terms of options. Not enough rifles, too many SMGs, and the box art features rifle arms that aren’t in the kit. (Available in the upcoming French infantry box, I believe based on photos.)
But the big saving grace was that with very minor amounts of cutting or filing, virtually all Warlord kit arms are compatible with these bodies, especially the German ones. (Which is great, because they’re likely to have majority captured weaponry anyways and it presents a lot of opportunity for kitbashing)

It really could have benefitted from being a larger sprue, 1 additional body at least, and more rifle arm poses in general, something along the lines of how the World war I German kit was done with a very respectable amount of variety available. Those integral bases really need to go away though as well on future releases. They just needlessly add more work to blend them to a base. I’ve bought the lizards kit as well and was happy to see that one didn’t have integral bases.

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