Our First Releases: Skeleton Warriors and Raumjäger Infantry Shipping Out

Our First Releases: Skeleton Warriors and Raumjäger Infantry Shipping Out

We were very happy to make our May release dates for our first two hard plastic sets! It was a squeaker but we made it.

Along with the release of the Raumjäger Infantry and the Skeleton Warriors (the first of the Death Fields sci-fi range and the Classic Fantasy range respectively) we are now fully stocked at our three warehouse locations in the UK, USA, and China.

This means we can provide local shipping to the whole of the EU and USA along with nearby shipping to Australia, New Zealand, and Asia. Our distribution network is growing as well with great companies like North Star in the UK, War & Peace Games in Australia, and Golden Distribution in the USA and more coming online. You'll soon start seeing us on the shelves of your local game shops and at the various shows which is very exciting for everyone here!

We have a lot of plans for more sets for Death Fields and the Classic Fantasy range. The next fantasy set will be a box of hard plastic halflings to defend their farmsteads from the ravages of the Undead and the foul folk like goblins. We are also getting closer to announcing our first historical ranges (of which we have a few in the works).

Thanks to all the folks who made an order so far! We truly appreciate it.

We're excited to see what people are doing with the miniatures now that they are in hand. Please post to our Facebook page and let us see what you're doing with them.


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