Pick the January Theme!

Pick the January Theme!

UPDATE 12/15/22: REBELS & REVOLUTIONARIES IS THE WINNER WITH 40% OF THE VOTE! VISIT OUR MyMiniFactory page, the Legion forum, or our Facebook group and tell us what you'd like to see included! 



Atlantic Digital is delivering up a huge amount of files/sets/models this month - check out what's coming in December here! (click on December 2022 preview on this page for the list)

 We're ready to get a jump on January so we need your help in picking a theme: 

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Les - December 18, 2022

Three hurranhs for the Rebels and Revolutionaries!

Maybe those Russians for Civil War/1905 and Great War will come quicker?

And as morgan said below, cossacks would be fantastic!

Mark - December 15, 2022

I’d like to see a fresh take on the idea of rebels and revolutionaries. Creative and new.

Hugh Biquais - December 15, 2022

Undead. ‘Cos I’m sure they’re warmer than the rest of us right now.

Papa - December 15, 2022

For the interest of equality I pick the MAN catagory

Red Bee - December 10, 2022

Religious? Bring on the Murder Monks for Death Fields!

morgan - December 10, 2022

Cossacks? Would love some rebel / revolutionaries in that vein…and if so head options without hats / helmets so there’s a good variety of bearded and moustache heads that can be used across the rest of the lines….

Paul - December 10, 2022

And then it did.

Paul - December 10, 2022

I tried to vote for Religions and Cults, but the checkbox wouldn’t work.

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