Planning the Molds

Planning the Molds

When we set out to do a plastic set, we start with a wishlist of the types of figures and parts we want to be in the set. We narrow this down based on what will actually fit on the parts frame.

So far, each set we've planned out has needed some adjustments along the way. Here's an early layout for the Raumjäger and Skeleton molds:

If you look closely you'll notice there are some differences between this layout and the final sprues. On the Raumjäger side we changed out some weapons, added a missing torso, and in general moved some things around to get it all to fit. The skeletons got a rearrangement as well.

Sometimes a hard decision has to be made. Our first historical set, which we'll talk about more soon, ended up being way too ambitious for a frame the same size as these and had to be doubled in the end!

As we do more sets, we'll do some different things with the sprue sizes to get some more variety.

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