Plastic French for WW1 and 2!

Plastic French for WW1 and 2!

On August 3rd 1914, Germany declared war on France and France reciprocated to launch "the war that would end all wars". On the 107th anniversary we are happy to launch our latest plastic set: French Infantry 1916-1940! 

This 35 figure set comes with enough options to make any of the following: 

  • Kepis
  • Adrian helmets
  • two types of gasmask in helmets
  • Senegalease Tirailleurs in cap or helmet
  • Harlem Hellfighters

And you have enough rifles to make them all WW1 or WW2 specific including LMGs and SMGs, rifle grenades, and more.

Each set comes with five of each of these sprues: 

Put your order in now and take advantage of the 3, 5, and 10 box deals. Click here to order.

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H - August 3, 2021

These look awesome, great versatile choice with WW1 and early WW2 too. Is there any chance of early WW2 British infantry/WW1 British? Hasnt been done before and would be great if the two could be made work in one set

FrankR - August 3, 2021

They look great… and I get so many ideas…

Should I… should I…????

Troy - August 3, 2021

Awesome! Really been looking forward to these. Already gone in on the three box deal – I can’t think of when I’d need five or ten, although it was still sorely tempting…

Beau Shaver - August 3, 2021

At last! These look amazing. I was told 3 years ago at a certain toy soldier company in Michigan. There was no interest in French outside of Napoleonics and no one would ever make a plastic box as they would never sell. I’m glad they were so wrong!

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