Pre-Order French Resistance

Pre-Order French Resistance

Now available to pre-order and shipping in January 2021! This 32 figure set will let you build French Resistance fighters and more. Click on the box for more pics and pre-release offers.


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Patrick Ballinger - November 12, 2020

Totally excited about these and looking forward to buying a box or two.

Two thoughts (and feedback), maybe do a second box (Female Resistance) or set of sprues that could be ordered to supplement the current box?

Female Resistance Fighters, would have been nice to have one on each sprue instead of all guys. Looks like on the pending image of the sprue, only two rifles. I wish there could have been an extra one or two on the sprue. (hint about the supplement sprue, i would pop a few bucks for sprues with extra bits if they were useful) Had this problem with the halflings, I ran short on bows and slings, had to convert 8 to make another unit. German LMG (very common) and panzerfausts (granted you may be working on Germans that can steal their arms for this purpose I suspect). I will just have to convert from the bits I have.

Amazing work on the sculpts and glad they Resistance finally have plastics!

Edouard - November 11, 2020

Click on the image for details…

Fred - November 8, 2020

i’m afraid about the number of rifles . how many rifles per sprue ?

Brian Shader - November 8, 2020

These look amazing!

Robert Worden - November 7, 2020

Wow – these look great!

You guys n’ gals are really knocking it out of the park with your releases. Thanks!

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