Reptilian Overlords Survey

Reptilian Overlords Survey

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Groover M - July 22, 2022

Would really love to see female variants of SpaceNam. Anything along the lines of pop culture’s beloved “Vasquez” (of Aliens fame).
Loving your stuff, WA!

Peter - July 22, 2022

Always a good idea to complete an army .Too many times we are left hanging waiting to complete a force .

Benjamin Hayward - July 22, 2022

I went with the Desert Raiders. I dig the others (especially the mercenaries), but I don’t see too many “Tallarn” type minis, and I’d like to get my hands on some.

Mike Scott - July 21, 2022

Would love to see Heretics – well made, look great! Cannot forget about the Coven…yes please…oh…and Duke and Zorbo…<3

Maximus Bob - July 21, 2022

Give us all the precioussesssssss. ALL of them!

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