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Skeleton Cavalry!

Skeleton Cavalry!

Our very first set is getting a follow up with hard plastic Skeleton Cavalry! Rob has just finished up all the parts and we are in layout now and soon to be off to tooling. 

Here's Peter Dennis' (almost finished) artwork! 

And here are the parts that will be going into the layout: 

We don't yet know how many of these parts will fit on the layout - but we're hopeful that all of them will! As you can see there are some curious regular standing bodies in the mix - why you ask? Well...

We had previously tooled up a Bronze Age chariot in anticipation of all the coming Trojan, Egyptian, etc. sets. We thought it would be fun (and useful) to have them included with the Skeleton Cavalry (and make appropriate crew too!)

As you can see we also have extra puddle bases so you can either use the bodies as chariot crew or alternatively make them into standard skeleton infantry. 

We've ALSO added some Dark Age/Late Roman-era specific helmeted heads and long swords/spatha. So if you decided to go with a non-Greek theme you have some options. 

The final configuration of the box is up in the air until the layout comes back. Just to be safe Rob has designed a third horse body (which has halves that work with these four halves as well) so we may end up just making a separate 1/2 frame of only skeleton horses and then reconfigure how we do the riders/infantry/crew. We'll let you know how it goes! 



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Csubi - September 2, 2023

Looking forward to this kit :) Also I really hope the chariots make it!

Nicholas - September 1, 2023

This is all good news!

Dan - September 1, 2023

Love the set. And really appreciate everything you share about the work you put into these.

Al - September 1, 2023

Finally we can recreate the skeleton army box set! Always been a lack of Roman skeleton figures too…

Silas - September 1, 2023

These are all looking very, very good.

huth - September 1, 2023

psyched for this!

Wingnut_AR - September 1, 2023

It is great to see a dedicated box of fantasy figures released. Hopefully there will be more to follow.

Andrew - September 1, 2023

Loveing the expanded range in all your minatures.
Giveing GW a run for its money.
Old world is released soon better get your fantasy line well stocked.

Andrew - September 1, 2023

Lookin good!!!

Erik - September 1, 2023

Love the new models, Can’t wait to add them to the horde :)

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