Survey Results and a Winner

Survey Results and a Winner

Our recent poll Why Isn't this in Plastic? resulted in close to 1500 responses including lots of comments for us to read through.

Within the multi-choice section, four different categories all scored over 30% of responses including: NATO/Warsaw Pact 1980s, Franco-Prussian War, Trojan War, and Ancient China/Three Kingdoms.
In the single choice category the highest was NATO with almost 20% with no Ancient China at 11.4% and given you are all wargamers #3 was Other. Clearly there is an interest in Twilight 2000/alternate WW3 type gaming.
As promised, we chose one respondent, Finnian Joyce-Velez, who has chosen to receive two boxes of the WW1 Germans. Congrats Finnian!
Keep an eye out for future polls.
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Owen Glover - August 27, 2020

Chiming in with Gary Fournier, when do we expect an update on the Boxer Rebellion set?

Our gaming group is eagerly awaiting these!

Walter Norton - August 27, 2020

I await coldwar russians.
I mean it will probably be a while.
But I await the afghanka wearing russians.

Y. Whateley - August 20, 2020

Congratulations! And yes: Twilight 2000, Alt WWIII, alt-post apocalyptic, and/or Delta Green wargaming sounds like a lot of fun.

Hmm… maybe pit some of those ’80s NATO or Warsaw Pact guys against those giant spiders, or maybe some Frostgrave cultists kit-bashed with modern weapons and a sprinkling of Cthulhu monsters….

There used to be someone out there who manufactured hard plastic kits of Zombie Apocalypse survivors, male and female, who would have made a fun opposing faction as well, for Red Dawn scenarios, perhaps? I don’t think they’re still around, and I really wish I’d had a chance to buy a stack of those kits before they vanished….

And now I think someone needs to make a had plastic kit of armed radioactive mutants and Mad Max wasteland gangers: I could think of a lot of uses for that one….

patrick - August 20, 2020

Thanks for the giveaway and including the community in your survey results. You make a great product and I look forward to seeing more from you in the future. :-)

Scott Beil - August 20, 2020

I think it is great how you let us the customer have a say in where the product line goes next.

Gary Fournier - August 20, 2020

What is the status of the Boxer Rebellion?

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