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FREE POSTAGE ANYWHERE IN THE WORLD when you spend over $50USD/£35 Use the button at the bottom of the page to choose your local currency.


The Damned: What's with Gamefound?

The Damned: What's with Gamefound?

So why are we even doing this? Wargames Atlantic has been making 28mm hard plastic sets since 2019 - and we have over three dozen sets out there now - so why are we doing a crowdfunding campaign? There are a few reasons!

  • New Blood! Our partnership with MiniWargaming helps us reach a whole new audience that have never heard of us before. And because they had a very successful campaign on Gamefound there is a whole universe of potential hobbyists who (we think!) will love what we’ve done with The Damned!
  • Faster! Typically what we do is release a set (always infantry first) and then based on the reception to that set will follow infantry with either opponents or cavalry or some additional set for that particular range. This means there can be a long gap between releases (especially because we have 11 ranges and lots of factions within some of those ranges). The Gamefound campaign (if successful!) helps us bring a whole bunch of sets out all in one big shot so there’s no wait on your end to build your army.
  • Deals! Using this format also lets us build in some amazing deals and create some really exciting stretch goals that will add just a ton of value to what you’re buying. It’s hard to do that sort of thing in our regular day jobs just making each set one at a time.
  • A Great Experiment! We’re also really intrigued to find out what having all of the parts of an army available all at once does for the range. This probably isn’t very exciting for you to hear about but if it works the way we suspect, it would mean we’d be making more stuff at one time in the future. And as we move into putting our first rules into the world we have some ideas on how to launch whole games all at once. How this campaign works will help us figure out those next steps. 

So there you have it - nothing too ground breaking. We think there are a lot of benefits to going down this road. For those of you who aren’t fans of crowdfunding you’ll be able to benefit from the results when it’s a success. But we hope we can convince you to take this leap into the unknown with us and see what we can make together! 

Our campaign to fund the initial 8 plastic sets for The Damned (and maybe some more if the REALLY ambitious stretch goals are met!) commences on May 26th. Check back here or at Gamefound on Friday to preview the campaign page!

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Axel - May 22, 2023

I had once tried to participate in a Gamefound campaign, but their system disagreed with my Credit Card (they demanded to register somewhere) and did not offer Paypal.
If they did not change within the last year, I am out.

That said, “the damned” is not my favourite theme anyway. I will probably just watch this from the sideline and do a small order to check the payment.

Dave - May 18, 2023

Looks good. Found this from your MyMiniFactory Death Fields the Damned page. Is there the potential for an stl pledge for this, or will you be releasing the stls on Myminifactory later?

Poymo - May 17, 2023

I’m sorry if I’m being daft but I still don’t really understand the drive for this partnership. What’s the difference between this and going through Kickstarter for example? I’m certainly interested in the results, it’s just I have never heard of these guys before and I’m old and tired! :E

David C - May 16, 2023

I cannot wait for this to start!

Red Bee - May 16, 2023

I love an experiment! You never know if a market is there unless you try it.

I am very excited for h concept of stretch goals.

Walt - May 16, 2023

Second this on shipping, specially as MWG are in Welland Ontario. Do us Canucks proud!

Halfin - May 16, 2023

How friendly will shipping be to Canada? Shipping from the US tends to be crazy expensive, and Import taxes here can be brutal for consumers.

Wargames Atlantic - May 16, 2023

Oh yes we’ll be EU friendly shipping from within the EU for this as most of you will probably be going over the €150 IOSS limit!

Alpha - May 16, 2023

I second the comment about the EU-friendliness.
I was looking at the previous Miniwargaming campaign, and shipping + import to the EU would have cost me almost as much as the set of miniatures i wanted to buy (approx 120€), so i did end up not buying anything.

Bill - May 16, 2023

Very excited by this, and also interested to see what the pledge levels are! I believe it is indeed an interesting experiment, but one that I’m certain WGA can pull off well… BRING ON THE DAMNED!!!

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