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The End of an Era

The End of an Era

We wish to give our condolences to those British people who loved their queen. No matter your politics she lived a remarkably long life and touched on much of the history of the 20th century. The world will be a different place now that she is no longer in it. 

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Don - September 12, 2022

Now more than ever, the freedom-loving people of the world need to stand together in unity to resist the regional and global aggression of repressive dictatorships in China, Russia, Iran and elsewhere. The British monarchy has been a bastion of support for democracy and human rights, and I pray this continues under the new king.

Paul Mitting - September 10, 2022

As a Commonwealth citizen she was my Queen for all of my life (I was born back in 1964!). Her Majesty was a shining example of how noble someone could be, putting her duty to her people above all else. Rest now and take pride in all you accomplished.

Thomas Blandfort - September 10, 2022

My sincere condolences to all her majesty’s subjects.

Model Hunter - September 10, 2022

As our Head of State for Australia and for her majesties many visit to Australia I was very fortunate as a young boy in the 1970’s to be face to face with the Queen which left a life long impression on me. I always felt her life would go on forever, the one consent for us all. Sadly that was not the case.
God bless the Queen and God save the King.

Larry H. - September 9, 2022

My deepest sympathies and condolences to all the people of the United Kingdom and the Commonwealth,

As an American, one might think that Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth would not have been all that important. She was not our head of state, she didn’t visit the USA that frequently, and she didn’t have a direct impact on our lives on a daily basis. Yet, she was dearly beloved by so many of us.

She did truly have a profound impact on the world, she was a quite, calming, solid, force for good during her reign and we felt that even here.

Many of us feel as though we have personally lost a family member, that is how far reaching her presence was, people on the far side of the globe, removed from her direct influence, even we felt her presence in our lives.

Her like will not be seen again …

Thank you for your service to humanity may you rest in peace

Matthew Broadbery - September 9, 2022

With thanks to Wargames Atlantic for your kind words.

For many of us in the UK, we have lost someone that can never be replaced, Someone who meant more to us than we even realised until yesterday.

Rest in peace, you will always be our Queen and we will always be thankful to you.

Juan Carlos - September 9, 2022

Mis condolencias a la familia, y al pueblo británico

Gerrit - September 9, 2022

Mein Beileid ihrer Familie und allen Freunden. Eine große Person ist von uns gegangen.

Vincent - September 9, 2022

my most sincere condolences to the royal family and to all the inhabitants of the commonwealth countries.

Thomas Alden - September 8, 2022

My condolences to her family, she lived a tremendous life.

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