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The Final Round of Heat 2! Round 4 of 4.

The Final Round of Heat 2! Round 4 of 4.

Today we have the final Round of Heat 2 - Round 4 of 4. If you haven't already voted in Rounds 1-3 go ahead and click on Articles and News above to find them. We'll leave voting open for a few days and then tabulate the final Top 10 for Heat 3. 


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Axel - May 8, 2021

Do you know why internet debates often escalate? Because some guy starts to become personal. You certainly crossed that line in your latest posting.

I waited for this response until the contest is over, so that there is no doubt on the intend of my response. I even missed the whole 3rd heat and currently try to figure out which suggestions were part of it…

I have done legally binding internet votings some 25 years ago, and I know how you can manipulate such stuff, or avoid it. If I do make a suggestion how to avoid some of the easy manipulations Wargames Atlantic can do it or ignore it, its their show. They are welcome either way without hard feelings.

But YOUR suggestion that I do so because I fear my suggestion will lose is insulting – calling others (probably me too) “petulant childs” in your newest posting is also not really an adult way to contribute to a debate. So, sorry, you failed in Netiquette. Just avoid projecting any insulting motivations to others, or as Wikipedia said: “assume good faith”.

Jack - May 3, 2021

Awesome stuff! Super exited to see what makes it to the last heat and I love this poll! It’s so awesome to see a company directly asking it’s consumers what they wanna see and I would love to see more of this. No matter what wins exited for the new kits, keep up the great work!

Shaun Gooch - May 2, 2021

Directed at Axel.

Enough of the freedom with your exception.

There is no need to start with some sort of Draconian voting process that limits participation because you have some sort of conspiracy fear that your choice may not get enough up votes.

Wargames Atlantic are savvy enough and open enough to conduct a fair and sound votes for new product suggestion.

This is, and should be open to all.

For that I’m thankful to these guys for an open opportunity.

BTW my suggestion didn’t make the final cut and I’m not gonna get upset at the voting process or suggest that others have limited voting options because of it.

M Fitzgerald - May 2, 2021

A couple things:

People come to these events with lots of different expectations and goals. Some folks want their fav era/units, but made by a different producer. Some folks want units/factions that rarely get made/ or that do, but never in plastic. Some folks want weird stuff. Some folks are clearly offering and picking based on what they think will sell to them, some folks on what they think will sell to others.

Because there are SO many angles, the results are going to look really weird, to almost everyone. Anyone who looked at the end result of the first heats and was like ‘ah yes, exactly what I thought we’d see’ is a liar (to themselves, or others), or a powerful wizard. I was wrong, too – the first round was so thrilling, I thought all the stuff I liked was obviously going through to the next round. Surely we all liked the random stuff that I, who plays no system, and cuts basically every mini I buy up into little pieces before goleming it back together, liked.


Very few of the things I was convinced about came through – and like, in retrospect, the only safe assumption was that I had no idea what the group making these choices is, what they own, what they want to own, why they hobby, on and on…I have exactly no information. My predictions were guesses, and I guessed wrong. Nothing wrong with that, and likely no conspiracy to defraud this fun angle of participation.

I hope folks rally into enjoying this process a bit more – just the opportunity to throw my two cents in is SO much more than most makers allow. The input, however little it tips the scales, is really welcome.

Axel - May 2, 2021

@Zar – Too many historical options? I see 3 of 15.

This set has just one new suggestion that I would buy (not counting those sets already on the market), while the other heats had several.

WA: May I suggest that you only count votes by logged in voters? Or, better yet, count the vote via a preorder pledge?

Online votes often have the problem that not the most popular suggestion but the technical most ruthless fanbase wins.
Some of the 60 options that made it seem weired to me, given some other options that failed to progress.

On the other hand – its your show…

david phillips - May 2, 2021

so there seems to be observations on whether or not historical ones are making it. I can see why there might be an argument on the matter I personally prefer fantasy but some civil war era stuff would be fun

Dom - May 2, 2021

Wow people seem to want some weird shit….. sad all the decent historical options have died

Scott - May 2, 2021

Well, no Assyrians. No Hobgoblins.
Kind of disappointing, but looking forward to seeing what wins out.
I’m still confused as to why people are asking for things that are already being made by other companies rather than more unique options.

Charles - May 2, 2021

I have been looking at all the civilian poposals and it occured to me that, whilst gamers may not want masses of civilains the addition of civilian options, such as arms holding tools (from a scythe to a hi-tech scanner) or beer bottles or sacks/bags/cases, technicians’ or nurses’ heads etc. could be incorporated into a lot of the more irregular force sets such a cyberbunk, elves, etc. and even the cannon fodder (look like jump suits/ overalls anyway).

Mark - May 2, 2021

Sci- Fi is that much more popular than Historical?

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