The First Year!

The First Year!

We have certainly been cursed to "live in interesting times" and amid all this we almost forgot that today is our one year anniversary! Although we formed the company much earlier and spent some time on product development and organization, we officially launched the website March 25, 2019 and took the first orders for Raumjäger and Skeletons.

Today we celebrate bringing the first 7 plastic sets to life with 8 - 10 soon to be with us and more on the way.

We are lucky that our fulfillment partners are still up and running and shipping orders. That may of course change at any time and we are foremost concerned about their safety during this health crisis so whatever they must do on their end we will 100% support. All of our staff and freelancers are safely under "house arrest" (as are many of you out there) and doing what they can between the real work of keeping their families safe and dare we say sane!

Thank you for such a wonderful first year and allowing us to make these fun toy soldiers. We hope to be celebrating our 10th anniversary with all of you along for the ride! Stay safe!

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