The Winners!

The Winners!

We have a winner! After thousands of entries and votes and narrowing it down to the Top 12 we have our winner: 


This entry was submitted by Michael Stockdale who wins 12 sets of Wargames Atlantic miniatures. Congratulations Michael! 

The other Top 11 finalists will receive a box of their choice. In some cases, multiple people submitted the same or similar ideas so we took the person who entered it first. The 11 Runners Up are: 

 Death Fields Space Pirates
Sandy Wake
Multi-Species Alien Set
Matthew Spey
Apocalyptic Survivors
Kyle Bentley
Sci-fi Civilians
Derek Strachan
Modular Robots
Derek Hodge
Insurgent and Irregular Moderns
Christine Child
Cyberpunk Corporate Security
Alexander M Rawlings
WWI Italian Troops (Infantry, Arditi, Bersaglieri, Alpini)
Fabrizio Ferrara
Hooded/Robed Monks/Cultists
Nathan Flanders
Modern Military Generic Infantry
Joe Cox
Medieval European Peasants/Townspeople
Axel Schudak


Congratulations to all the winners! We will be emailing you to find out what you'd like for a prize. 

But...that's not begins the "Follow Along" part of the contest. We're going to speak with Michael about his entry and what he envisioned and discuss some ideas before we present this to the community. We'll be accepting your feedback and begin to show some designs as we move the Ogres into development.

But wait, there's even more: there is one last GIANT prize to award! One participant in the contest - either someone who submitted an idea or who voted and left their email - is going to be chosen to pick a second plastic set for us to develop.  First we have to get the Ogres into production but once they are off to tooling we will turn our attention to picking that last, big winner. 

So sit back and we will start the process with the Ogres and include you all in each step. Thanks to all of you who submitted ideas and voted! 

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Peter Smith - May 14, 2021

Fun contest, but LANDSKNECHT OGRES! ??
Probably the least useful of the options.
Certainly last on my want list, I would have bought just
about any of the other finalists, but not these.

Alex Perez - May 14, 2021

I’m personally not interested in the winning entry but it was a fun contest. Let’s do more!

MB - May 14, 2021

Honestly, Wargames Atlantic is the best. The interaction between the company and its customers is such an incredibly positive thing. Asking customers what they want, giving them a voice in voting on the ideas, and literally rewarding them with free merchandise just for participating? Amazing. Plus the fact that your models come with a good amount in each box, and for a very fair price really seals the deal. Thanks for being a class act.

I’m super excited for the release of the Aztecs and Conquistadores!

Will Morgan - May 14, 2021

Wow… I literally would have put that pick nearly last (ahead of WWI and maybe modern generics). Sounds fun though I guess and grats to all those who voted for them. Neat contest and idea.

Gary - May 14, 2021

Missed the deadlines for some of the voting, but slightly disappointed that most of the WWI/back of beyond entries didn’t get through, and still hoping for some (perhaps generic) Middle-East types for the Ottoman Empire, perhaps Arabs for the 1917 rising, or Mamelukes, or Tartars

Scott - May 14, 2021

Well, I can’t say I’m disappointed with this.
It’s something not currently on the market. It works in a number of games. It has the potential for both ranged and melee options.
For me it’s going to come down to the design choices, but I’m interested in how they come out.
Congatulations to all the winners!

Kapouille - May 14, 2021

Congrats to the winner! It sounds incredibily niche, I truly hope this didn’t win due to exploiting the fact that google forms didn’t check multiple vote and that could be exploited by scripts, or else Wargames Atlantic will find itself struggling to shift some pretty expensive production! If that’s not the case however, I wish everyone interested a great time with that kit.

Y. Whateley - May 14, 2021

@Josef Lenz – “Sad times for historical gamers. Probably, next time, there should be to 2 different votes, one for historical and one for SF/Fantasy”

I’m not particularly interested in historicals as historicals – I’m more of a pulp horror, sci-fi, and fantasy gamer – but I don’t think that’s an unreasonable request, to split historical and fantasy/sf games into two groups.

The fantasy/sf market may have more people interested in it, but I’m guessing that historical wargamers tend to buy more kits per gamer than fantasy/sf gamers do (I should imagine it’s more likely for historical gamers to field large wargaming armies, while sci-fi/fantasy gamers tend to be either skirmish gamers, fantasy-role-players, or fantasy wargamers with a great deal of models from other companies to choose from to build popular armies like elves, dwarves, or orcs!)

I think everyone can benefit from covering a good variety of bases that would appeal to both historical and fantasy/sci-fi gamers, and if the success of a good, popular fantasy kit makes it possible for WA to take a chance on an interesting niche historical kit, or a successful and popular historical kit makes it possible to take a chance on an exciting fantasy or sci-fi kit nobody else has ever tried, I think it can only be a win for both types of gamers, as well as for WA!

And I do hope that Wargames Atlantic can continue to find ways to produce historical kits with fantasy/sci-fi options that would make at least some of these kits useful and interesting for both types of gamers – again, it’s a situation where everyone wins!

russell mccaughan - May 14, 2021

Hi great contest would still like to have seen more historical options.but with so many sets from other brands outhere its hard but you guys seem to go for less known figures.would also like to see in the future a nz Maori wars set with settlers And nz army guys with shot guns being used.and maybe in the future some battle sets small to start with.a couple of sprues from each the starter so you can have add ons come later.just and idea.keep up the good work bring on the aztecs and spanish

Y. Whateley - May 14, 2021

@Kevin Scrivner: “Fun contest with lots of intriguing entries. …Better pump out a set of fiesty feline cavaliers in big clompy boots to keep [the ogres] in check….”

Absolutely agree, fantastic and fun contest, with lots of great ideas, the only disappointing thing for me is that there’s no practical way for Wargames Atlantic to bring more of those ideas to life! :)

And I think that an army of puss-in-boots Cat-valiers is one of the best ideas yet! I’m hoping those get selected as a bonus set!!! :D

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