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FREE POSTAGE ANYWHERE IN THE WORLD when you spend over $50USD/£35 Use the button at the bottom of the page to choose your local currency.


Two New Plastic Sets for World War 2!

Two New Plastic Sets for World War 2!

We're excited to announce not one but TWO new box sets to add to our growing WW2 World Ablaze range! Coming in January worldwide!

These sets are built with the frames we designed for Grey for Now Games' 02 Hundred Hours game of night raids in World War 2!

First up are the German Sentries: 

This set features 40 hard plastic figures on 5 frames: 30 Germans and 10 faithful and vicious dogs! A huge number of options on the sprue let you build everything from command to military police to surrendering Germans! Get yours here! 

You can't have a bunch of Germans guarding something (or someone) without having the fellas who are coming to blow it/them up! 

The British SAS/Commandos set features 30 figures that can work as the famed SAS, SBS, Royal Marine Commandos, or Wild Geese types. Check out all the options and sprues and get yours here! 

Look for many more World Ablaze sets coming in 2023!



If you remember we ran a contest for miniature painters to submit their entries for these boxes. John Batchelor was a double winner having placed first for both the Germans AND the SAS! He takes home 16 boxes of his choice and his name is on the boxes and the store pages! Congrats John!

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Richard - April 10, 2023

Hi guys. Would love for you to make some standard British Infantry. Also just standard infantry for all bigger nation so Britain, U.S. Russia etc. Really let me flesh the main body of my WW2 armies.

Pierre - November 13, 2022

British commandos are good.

Definition of a Wehrmacht sentry : untrained and unsupervised soldier, often drowsy, who respect neither military regulations nor the instructions given in manuals (cf. Wachdienst, “guard duty”, in Reibert, “Der Dienstunterricht im Heere”).

More seriously, it lacks : 1) the ammo pouches for the K98k, 2) the side weapon (Seitengewehr, the bayonet), obligatory for guard duty, 3) a helmet (at least on the belt) and a gasmask in wartime… In the Heer, the Stahlhelm on the head of a sentry, outside, signifies : on duty.

The German sentries were supervised by a NCO on duty (sous-officier de garde), who often was an “ogre” (a cow-bitch ?, une peau de vache). Idem in British army.

Bluecho - November 13, 2022

Congrats on being able to reuse the sprues from 02 Hundred Hours as a general product.

Also, everyone loves a kit that comes with a bunch of good doggos. Even if it’s full of N*zis.

Matt Blowers - November 13, 2022

Ordered 2 SAS boxes and a German box. That sentries box will make some awesome scenario play. Is there anything more epic than partisans vs. sentries?

JEFF CHAPMAN - November 12, 2022

Very good figures. You’re the only company that’s produced the detached Number 38 wireless I’ve wanted for ages. Keep the WW2 sets coming – especially Late War Brits, when you’re ready!

Alessio De carolis - November 12, 2022

Interesting boxes, also if logically there isn’t any paucity of german troops in this scale, don’t think anyone ever tought to make a set of plastic sentries, these ones could be useful not only straight from the box, but also for scratchbuilding and conversions.

FrankR - November 11, 2022

2 german boxes to me… great guys…

Kris - November 11, 2022

Congrats to John on taking home that MASSIVE haul. Sixteen boxes, holy!

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