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FREE POSTAGE ANYWHERE IN THE WORLD when you spend over $50USD/£35 Use the button at the bottom of the page to choose your local currency.


Two New Sets! Bronze Age Chariots and Light Horses!

Two New Sets! Bronze Age Chariots and Light Horses!

Now on pre-order and shipping out the week of June 10th! Two new hard plastic sets!

Who doesn't love chariots in their army but who wants to futz about with metal ones? Besides being expensive they weigh a ton and are difficult to glue together. Our Bronze Age Chariots are here to help you get an impressive number into your army with much less pain all around! 

We've designed these to work with our Medium Horses (the pads for the yoke fit perfectly into the V-slot of the molded reins on the horses - just don't glue on the saddle blankets). The chariots are designed for two looks - the hot rod open side cart or the leather/wood panel side. 

And yes you're right there are no crew (as you can see by Peter Dennis' ghostly yellow crew in the artwork!) We do have suitable crew available through Atlantic Digital but the main purpose of these is to let you add the crew of your choice. The Bronze Age design will work for many armies both historical and fantasy. As we expand our Bronze Age range we'll be adding suitable plastic crew as well. 

The chariot set includes six horses and three chariots for $34.95/£25. You can get yours by clicking here!


The Light Horses are a follow up to our larger Medium Horses (the ones you see above with the chariots). These are the same horses that are used in our Afghan Cavalry and Mounted Serjeants sets. We've designed a clever (at least we think so) rein system that creates a more natural look (no big blob of plastic under the horse head). These would be roughly 14-15 hand horses suitable for a wide variety of historical and fantasy armies (or sci-fi for that matter!)

The box set includes 6 frames that can build 18 horses. The frame parts are clearly marked so you know which halves go with which and which head and rein combinations work. You can get yours by clicking here!

We also have our next two sets almost ready to go! The test shots are ready and just getting a final checkover before we prep the mold for production. The boxes are already printed and en route to the US warehouse (in the UK warehouse already waiting for the plastic) We expect a late June release for these two sets!

Werewolves and Sneakfeet (our first Death Fields 'Free Agents' team) are almost with us!

And we are getting so very very close to being able to preview the first of two secret sets we've been working on. They have a little bit more to go in tooling and then we can reveal all! Barons' War Levy and Serjeants are in final layouts and Mounted Knights and Mounted Serjeants are getting a final part review. Conquistador cavalry and the heavier cav have a layout but we need to move some things around and finalize it before putting them in tooling. Almost there. And more surprises to come! 

Happy Wargaming!

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Adrian - May 30, 2024

Very exciting stuff coming. Hope someday for plastic Sumerians that’d be nuts

Adrian - May 30, 2024

Man when it says the metal chariots are hard to glue together that’s putting it lightly I got too many bad memories of my hands covered is super glue 😭😂. Excited to see the chariots as well as more bronze age stuff

Lloyd - May 27, 2024

Unrelated, but what happened to The Last War box set? Did I miss something?

Jeff Chapman - May 25, 2024

I very much hope that the BEF Support Weapons set is coming soon!

Glorious Grunt - May 25, 2024

Those Werewolves are looking great!

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