Two New Sets - Fauns and Centaurs

Two New Sets - Fauns and Centaurs

We are pleased to announce that along with the Persians, Afghans, and Dark Age Irish we will have two other new plastic sets arriving in late April/early May in our Australian, UK, and US warehouses: Fauns and Centaurs!


These two sets were designed and sculpted by our friends at RGD Gaming who launched a successful Kickstarter last year. We helped them take their sculpture and shepherd it through the tooling and production process. Now we are helping them with distribution worldwide.

Click on the boxes above to visit their individual pages, see the sprues, and pre-order for delivery next month!

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Atsie Newt - July 16, 2020

I’ve written a full unboxing review of the centaurs with pictures of the parts (can be found at
In Summary:
A solid kit with a good balance between variety and having so many surplus parts you’ll fill a bits box ten times over. The limiting factor of this kit is that it doesn’t have many skirmisher weapons (bows in particular) so it’s hard to build a fast cavalry unit from a single box. If you’re looking for a unit to charge into the enemy and start hacking, this isn’t a problem, but I would have liked to be able to make a unit of six archers and a unit of six with spears. The inclusion of the faun sprues defines this kits value as the centaur sprue alone lacks the variety needed for the box set to work without them.

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