Ultra Moderns/Near Future Survey!

Ultra Moderns/Near Future Survey!

This week we're asking about some set ideas for Ultra Moderns and Near Future set ideas (with some "out there" ideas in the mix too!)


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Matthew - May 18, 2022

For others, I put firefighters because they never get love in the 28mm scale. And when you do find one they are minimal. You get the fire axes that would be very helpful for people who play zombie survival and post-apoc games.

John - May 18, 2022

Modern warfare 28mm miniatures are very nice. As far as I now, there are few plastic modern soldiers. Hope Atlantic can make some cool spec-ops.

Alex - May 16, 2022

It’s super-exciting for you guys to be looking into this sort of model line. I’m working on ultra-modern/cyberpunk skirmish game rules and have had trouble finding good models for so many of my concepts. I can find some ultra-modern minis on Etsy, but being able to buy a boxful would make life SO much simpler.

One thing to focus on: please get the pouches right. LOL – it’s amazing how many military models come with nowhere for magazines to be stored, so basically, the troops have one mag and then have to use harsh language.

As far as cyberpunk and battlesuit aesthetics, Infinity has captured the right look, pulling directly from all the great Masamune Shirow works (Appleseed and Ghost In The Shell). I’d love more of the same from you guys, but with customization possible due to being plastic.

Seriously, I LOVELOVELOVE you guys for even whetting my appetite with this. I look forward to updates!

Caratacus - May 16, 2022

Futuristic British infantry would be excellent as the stoic elite of humanity’s defensive forces (would make a nice change from gung-ho Americans) and as many alien races as you can think of to diversify the number of playable factions! Terminator-esque androids, Xenomorph or Tyranid-style bugs, futuristic reptilians, sci-fi versions of other fantasy races like Gnolls, Beastmen, ratmen or demons, War of the Worlds style Martians – I’d just love to see WA make as many alien races as possible! I also added ‘Elite Alien Hunters’ in the ‘Other’ category as an option for those who fancy something along the lines of ‘Predator’, to bring in some bad guys that will make the heroes think twice.

Nanashi - May 16, 2022

Child soldiers would be interesting. Not a lot of non-static children minis.

Ben - May 15, 2022

I prefer things on the more generic side than being extremely specific, but would love to see that sort of equipment that keep militaries keep showing pictures of and naming thing like “21st Century” or “New” or “Next” with all sorts of fancy tech that they tend to cancel to revive a bunch of times*. “Near Future” or “20 Minutes in the future” and give the troops a more generic “private contractor” or “black ops” also means that a single set and check off more boxes. PMC, Near Future, Cyberpunk, Generic Police certainly has a lot of overlap. Kind of thinking maximizing kit bash potential and interoperability between “Ultra Modern / Near Future” kits really would give the kits the most mileage.

*so like G11 and other ACR entries; OICW, PAPOP, and AICW types stuff; ultra modern shotguns like the HK CAWS or Pancor Jackhammer; and other misc stuff like the XM25 CDTE, Barrett XM109, Steyr IWS 2000, weapons like the XM307, FN BRG-15, those Lightweight Heavy Machines guns of the USA such as the XM312 and XM806.

Weapons that have not been canceled but are futuristic, or even seen adption are good too like the LSAT lmg, LWMMG XM250 NGSW, Norinco LG5/QLU-11, Norinco QLB-06 ; and heavy 6P50-1, and and PLA like the , and QJZ-171;

Richard Cowen - May 15, 2022

Hmm, not sure that went through successfully.

For the ‘Other’ aliens, I vote Greys, with psychic, soldier and scientist/torturer variant parts.

Equipment hinting at biotech as well, maybe, similar to the spider kit’s guns. In fact, maybe theme the Greys’ equipment so that they’re similar in style to the technology of the cyber-spiders, for crossover purposes.

gasp And a saddle like the goblins, or maybe a grey-spider-centaur conversion option?

Geoff Maybury - May 15, 2022

I think that you`ve got the message that we gamers would like at some time most of that list, if not all. I`d like if possible, is that we get 3 sets at once, an attacker, defender, and the civilians to rescue, and shoot when they get in the way. The list is full of amazing items, try a good asscesory set with small hand items in left and right hands for conversions , Oh and the selfie stick and phone, for the idiot who photo`s the “Alien/Monster”, With that list I`m sure you`ll hit a goal.

Kid Kyoto - May 15, 2022

Suits/Secret Service/Mafia/Yakuza/Men in Black/Corporate Civilians/Well-Dress Terminator train!

5 suit bodes
Civilian heads
Sun glasses and ear pieces heads
Fedoras and scar heads
Cyborg heads
SMGs and pistols
Silenced pistols, knives, sniper rifle
Sci Fi guns and mechanical arms
Tommy Guns and violin case
Civilian arms, phones, newspaper, briefcases

Benjamin MacConnell - May 15, 2022

I’d like to add to the Post-Apocalypse/Wasteland survivors/scavengers. Would also be good for something like Zona Alfa; ragtag groups of STALKERS, using surplus or scavenged gear to poke around in areas they aren’t supposed to go, looking to scavenge wealth or unusual artifacts.

A nice kit that generally says “I’m in a time, place, and/or life situation where access to proper equipment is limited and I need protection against the elements”. Various gas masks and hoodies, improvised body armor, bandanas, packs laden with survival gear, etc.

Maybe a set of creepy heads, for chaos cultists or folks out on a Purge.

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