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Ultra Moderns/Near Future Survey!

Ultra Moderns/Near Future Survey!

This week we're asking about some set ideas for Ultra Moderns and Near Future set ideas (with some "out there" ideas in the mix too!)


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Colm M - May 29, 2022

I love the idea of Meal Team Six, but in all seriousness, I would just like a really nice and well-made kit with a lot of options that covers a lot of thematic space for the concept of near-future/ultra-modern soldiers. A soldier wearing cutting-edge US military equipment from today is probably how most modern troops are going to look for the next half-century, to be honest. I think that’s why Battlefield 2042 was so, “conservative,” with its designs, it’s just what is practical and realistic. This is the soldier of the next half century.

But for actual FUN near-future designs, take a look at some cyperpunk concept art stuff. Faceless head covering helmets, blocky VR goggle looking things over the upper face and eyes, a bunch of extra cameras, antennae and electronics on the backpack and shoulders. Maybe some armor plates and shoulder pads. Maybe shoulder mounted heavy weapons. Maybe bizarre blocky gun scope options. Maybe heads and helmets with a bunch of tubes coming out of them. Maybe a little extra robot arm from the backpack that is handing the user an extra magazine to help with reloading. Maybe a jetpack. Maybe thin metallic prosthetic limbs. Maybe a giant cyborg gun replacing an arm. Maybe a power loader exoskeleton that current robotics people are developing and we see in Death Stranding. Maybe an optional extra gun that is on top of the helmet. Maybe featureless drone heads.

I’m just spit balling and brainstorming here, maybe something like Wargames Atlantic typically makes a sprue. A boring base body but alternate heads, gear and kit to represent different themes. So I’d go for 3 themes, modern soldier, cyberpunk augmented soldier, and robotic limbed humanoid drone. And a bunch of extra glue-on options to fit any theme, like cameras, antennae, touch-screens. Cyborg prosthetic limbs could represent any of the themes, even today. Mixing and matching would give a lot of options, could represent a lot of stuff. Modern soldier theme would be current-day equipment and helmets, maybe with head cameras and night-vision goggles. Cyperpunk would be big VR goggles, part-metal cyborg heads, head tubes, wrist-mounted keyboard for on the fly hacking. Drone options could be actual humanoid robot heads, full face covering helmets that could have a human underneath, big blocky or cylinder shaped heads with simple geometry that contain electronics, and maybe heads that are just uncovered electronic messes, in the vein of Star Wars IG Droid line.

Maybe have multipart weapons that could have parts swapped for modern scopes and attachments versus some more exotic high-tech blocky scopes.

Peter S. - May 27, 2022

An alien race like snake people. Like those snake aliens in X-COM. They could have a bit of variety too, like cobra heads or rattlesnake tails etc.

From historical background maybe some kind of knights with modern weapons. That they have somehow adapted armour (but not space marines like) and weapons, but still wear their different heraldry as they originally had. With squires and that stuff and their own code of honour. Just an idea

Brendon Sterma - May 26, 2022

Alien invaders: Avian might be cool. You don’t see any of those anywhere. Could have a variety of different heads like vultures, jays, or poultry.

The lizard aliens would be super cool if they were bigger/stockier than average troops, like the ones from Zathura.

Nanashi - May 25, 2022

I’ve seen Meal Team Six as a mocking description of (overweight) private security, but can’t say for certain that’s what it refers to.

Jasper - May 25, 2022

The possibilitys are endless here i would like to see things simular to sams power armore or glitter boy power armore to assist with my rifts games. Cyberpunk figures with corperation death squds for shadow run. Even post apocalyptic mad max kind of thing. Might be jumping a head on this but its only my 2 cents.

Mitchell - May 24, 2022

Was Meal team six a typo for Seal team six or will there be some fat chef soldiers?

Alex - May 23, 2022

Would love to see some modular post soviet Zone Stalker types to make your own gangs plus NPC factions. Think Lead Adventure Miniatures.

David - May 22, 2022

A duo release like the aztecs/conqs of modern PMCs and Insurgents would be cool! With lots of variety of heads and equipment in both sets

Jonathan - May 21, 2022

Honestly would love to have more options in the death fields, 40k proxies territory you are the absolute best when it comes to cheaper guard plastic.

Falk - May 21, 2022

A set of generic Cold War / Modern civilians, including children, would be great. Could be a Western and an Easter European set with slightly different accessories. I would have plenty of use for that.

Civilians on horseback, civilians on bicycles, civilian drivers for vehicles, all things that we don’t see much (or at all) in 28mm.

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