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FREE POSTAGE ANYWHERE IN THE WORLD when you spend over $50USD/£35 Use the button at the bottom of the page to choose your local currency.


Updates on Pre-Orders and Shipping

Updates on Pre-Orders and Shipping

Every day seems to bring new information and new challenges to us here at Wargames Atlantic Central and across the world. As a company that relies on a truly global workforce with people in the UK, Canada, China, Vietnam, Australia, France, Germany, and here in the US we are hearing stories from everywhere and unfortunately we are truly living in "interesting times".

As we've previously mentioned, the coronavirus caused some delays with our factory in China which were somewhat compounded by the Chinese New Year. Originally the Persians were meant to ship out at the same time as the Grognards but we just missed it. That near miss has resulted in a long gap now. In the meantime, the Afghans and Dark Age Irish are all ready as well. So now all three of those new sets are shipping out together along with Grognards to Australia.

This shipment was meant to go via air freight as everything else we've sent has done which means a transit of about 10 days door-to-door to our warehouses in the UK and US and a little shorter to Australia. Because of Covid-19 there are many, many fewer planes in the air, so air freight rates have risen in some cases 3-4 times what we were budgeting for. We made the decision to switch the shipments to ocean freight and now they are literally on the slow boat from China.

So what does this mean for you?

1. Australians/New Zealanders: Les Grognards, Persians, Afghans, Dark Age Irish will be arriving in Sydney around April 13th. Expect another week to get them off the boat, out of customs, and into Aetherworks and they will begin to ship them to you then.

2. UK/EU: Persians, Afghans, and Dark Age Irish arriving in Southampton April 23rd and expect another week for them to get to Sarissa for fulfillment.

3. US: Persians, Afghans, and Dark Age Irish are off the boat and should arrive at Bridge Fulfillment in Marietta, Georgia around May 7.

We really apologize for the delay on these. We are hoping that mail services and the great people at our fulfillment houses will continue to be safe and able to get them to you when they hit our various shores.

The factory is now mostly back to normal and the next three sets are with them at various levels of development. WW1 Late War Germans will be out first followed by Boxers and a new set we haven't unveiled yet. We will soon!

We also have some surprise sets that have shipped with these other three that we will be talking about next week. There are actually five new sets on the boats. But we will leave that until next week. Thank you again for your patience and we hope everyone is doing everything they can to stay safe and healthy.

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